Outdoor Advertising

We can’t all be intrepid explorers but most of us
like to get out and about. We travel to the shops, take the kids to school,
trek to work and back each day and visit friends, relatives and the gym every
weekend. We have our regular routes we take. The same old street, regular roundabout,
familiar footpaths. Whether on foot or on wheels we take notice of our
surroundings to the extent that we notice even the minutest change in our
route. The curtains have changed at number 23. There’s roadworks on Sunny Lane
and what’s this? A huge advertising hoarding on the office scaffolding. You
read the message intently to see if it applies to you. Is it something you should miss? Is it
something you could benefit from?

Outdoor Advertising

Call it what you like, Outdoor Advertising, Out of
Home Advertising (OOH) or Outdoor Media, this is one of the oldest forms of
promotion and still one of the most effective despite advancements in digital
marketing. There are many variations on
a theme, from billboards on streets and highways, poster displays at bus
shelters and telephone booths to grand digital presentations on arterial
routes. Advertising can also be done ‘on the move’ placed on anything in
transit such as trains, buses and trucks. Yes, it’s a huge world out there and
there’s plenty of space for your brand to make its presence known.


Wiki defines it as “Advertising that reaches
consumers whilst they are outside their homes…focusing on marketing to
consumers when they are on the go, in public places, in transit or in
commercial locations
.” The scope is therefore huge and varied appealing to even
the smallest budget. As people veer toward a more active lifestyle, outdoor
publicity has the power to reach a phenomenal number of individuals on a
continuous basis.


  • It gets noticed.
  • It’s easy to execute
  • It suits all budgets
  • It reaches the masses

It’s not easy to avoid or ignore the vibrant colours
and larger than life images presenting you on every corner. We are inquisitive by
nature and are naturally drawn to something new or attention grabbing. If your
advertising stands out from the pandemonium of visible stimuli it becomes an
unavoidable, unceasing medium from which onlookers cannot withdraw. They cannot
turn the page as in printed publicity, they cannot turn off their devices and
there is no opportunity to skim through it as the message is short and punchy. Once
it’s there it is constantly and repeatedly seen.

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Putting the ads together is as cost effective and straightforward
as you want them to be. If budget is tight you can create your own posters or
printed displays and avoid extra locational costs by placing them outside your
premises, or on fencing, railings or lamp posts. Financial wastage is kept to a
minimum due to direct access to your chosen target audience thus avoiding
advertising in the ‘wrong places.’ Cost is ultimately determined by where you
choose to position your displays and for how long. That said, the more sites
you select and the longer you advertise to your public the greater the number
of individuals who engage with your message.

Outdoor advertising revenue in the UK has increased
annually since 2009 (Statista),
and in 2017 Airoutdoor
noted that around 98% of the population see at least one promotional hoarding
or billboard per week with 71% noticing it and digesting the message. The same
study shows that a large number make frequent purchase decisions in the car, as
much as 68%. Clear
Channel Direct
corroborates these figures in reporting that outdoor
advertising has a bigger reach on a daily basis than any other media, including

The type of external media appropriate for each
business is clearly determined by who is being targeted, what is being
advertised and how much is financially available to devote to this cause.


Whilst preparing the marketing plan for the following
year, smaller businesses have a variety of outdoor advertising options to

Outside hoardings and advertising sites

Throughout our towns and cities numerous sites are
earmarked for advertisement rental based on the size, quantity and timescale of
the promotion. In general, these take the form of billboards and posters
or hoardings and banners.

Outside premises

Freestanding display
can be placed on surrounding streets and
car parks and are useful in enticing new customers into businesses or retail
units. Banners
are also attached to railings and posts creating brand awareness and acting as
signage to draw any interested customers to the right place.

Outdoor events


The warmer months provide opportunity for many public
gatherings where people are at leisure to enjoy recreation and may include one
of the following:

  • Music concerts and festivals
  • Craft Fairs and country fetes
  • Marathons and road races
  • Carnivals and parades
  • Charity events
  • Farmers Markets

These events are popular and well attended offering
an opportunity to make known your brand name, introduce new products or services
and to connect with the local community. Flags, free
standing displays
, as well as pop up displays
can be used to advertise your presence.


Choose your location

Decide who you are wanting to contact and which
demographic group is most likely to respond well to your message. Where do
these individuals live, hang around or frequent? For example, housewives may be
seen regularly around schools, supermarkets or cafes; students are located near
universities, outside bars and clubs and around town. Employees can be seen regularly at watering
holes around the business district. If you know the local area well the honey
pots where certain people gather are evident. These are the places where your
advertising should be located.

Choose your display

Roller Banners UK
is a leading supplier of banners and display stands created in house on the
highest quality materials delivered free and on time. A wide selection of
outdoor banners, stands and flags are available:

are printed in high resolution full colour on quality PVC material using
weatherproof UV ink for durability. They are supplied with eyelets to attach to
the wall, fence, railings or sides of buildings. They come in a variety of
sizes up to 2.4m in width.

Banner frames
are a practical way to display your free-standing banner, constituted of strong
aluminium and supplied with bungee cords to attach the banner. Ground pegs are
also provided to secure the frame and banner and there are two sizes of frame
available; 1mx2.5m and 1.25mx3m.

The X Banner
display stand is rigid and stable due to the water fillable base they withstand
the worst of weather. The graphic panel is replaceable giving you reflexibility
in your messages.

The impressive Outdoor Roller
is sturdy and made stable by extending the two feet.
These can be pegged down into the ground if needed and can withstand winds up
to 24mph (Beaufort Scale 5). It is also compact when dismantled for easy storage
and transport.

Pop Out Banners, Golf Banners
and Event Banners
are lightweight double-
sided displays which are easily set up and transported. The banner is made from
a strong knitted polyester material and is stitched to a steel sprung frame.

Feather Flags
come with a choice of bases to suit hard surfaces or grass. They are quick to
set up and can withstand winds of 18mph (Beaufort scale 4). The graphics can be
printed on one or two sides.

Event Flags
come with a telescopic pole which extends up to 5.4m to get your message
noticed. They are printed in full colour on one side onto knitted polyester
fabric and are easy to erect and transport.

Wall Mounted
Banner Frames
are a new system providing long
term displays for attachment to the sides of buildings, boundary walls or
wooden fences. The banner is easy to change when required.

A Board Pavement
come with two printed posters, one
either side to position outside your shop or retail unit. The posters are weather
proof and light fast and the frame can be easily opened to change the posters.

The Printed Gazebo
is a novel way to advertise your brand, providing shelter for visitors and a
hub for your business. The design is printed in full colour on the roof for
high visibility. The frame can be easily erected and dismantled and is transported
in its own carry bag.

Forecourt Poster Signs
are a sturdy and versatile display made stable by the water-filled spring-loaded
base. The snap frame enables exchange of the two weather proof posters as

PVC Mesh
are ideal for use in exposed areas or in
high winds. The holes within the mesh material allow the wind to pass through
making it a stable display option and can be attached to fences, railings and
sides of buildings using the added grommets.

The outstanding EXO Banner
is the largest free-standing display on offer. It is a complete banner system in
its own right, suitable for moderate weather conditions. The printed banner is
sized at 2mx2.5m and can be printed on both sides if required. Several stands
can be joined together to create a wall. The stand has two water fillable feet
to create stability and the banner is quick and easy to hang to the frame. The
graphic panels can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

Time to make your choice

All the above-mentioned banners can be printed using
supplied artwork that conforms to printing guidelines to ensure a high-quality
finish. Alternatively, the Roller Banners Design Team
are on hand to give advice and to design and print according to your requirements.
Give them a call today on (02380 700111) or look online.

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