Outdoor Banners and Flags

Advertising isn’t just for the great indoors; many businesses profit substantially from outdoor advertising. Banners outside your business displaying new promotions, flags directing customers to your store and printed gazebos promoting your product line are just a few ways that your business can effectively advertise outside. Take a look at our range of outdoor banners and flags below for inspiration.

Outdoor Banners and Flags

Q: Why is outdoor advertising so important?

Put simply – indoor advertising communicates your products and company messages to existing customers. You want to keep growing your business, so you need to communicate to potential passing customers. Outdoor advertising will catch the eyes of passerbys (both pedestrian and drivers) and will encourage new custom to your business.

Q: Do you just offer outdoor banners and flags?

We offer numerous different ways to advertise your business, event or conference outdoors! Banners are a popular choice – choose from our  heavyweight, waterproof and durable PVC banner, or our lighter, wind-resistant mesh banner. As well as conventional banners, we also offer pop out banners, flags, custom printed gazebos and forecourt signs! Take a look at our outdoor range here.

Q: What are the benefits of using a PVC banner?

PVC banners are ideal for rainy areas as they are strong, durable and water and windproof (however, in high wind areas you may want to consider our mesh banner instead). Our banners are printed in full high resolution colour, so will be sure to catch your potential customers’ eyes! PVC banners are supplied and delivered hemmed and with eyelets ready to hang. As with all our products, you can create your own artwork on long-lasting, weather-proof UV ink, ensuring your message is visible for a long time! Prices start from just £16 per banner; that’s a long standing advertisement at cost-effective rates.

Q: When would you use a Mesh banner instead?

Mesh banners are created with thousands of tiny holes in the fabric; the main advantage of mesh banners is that they can be displayed in very windy areas and not tear, flap or fly away, as the wind travels through the holes, leaving your banner perfectly displayed at all times. Our mesh banners are also printed with UV, weather-proof ink, ensuring the longevity of your advertising message. Prices for mesh banners start from just £20 per banner, so it’s a cost-effective investment for any windy or weather-beaten areas, in which you’d like to advertise.

Q: Why use flags to advertise my business or event?

Whether you’re using blade feather flags or portable event flags, these nifty advertising devices are sure to divert the eye! Use flags to communicate short messages like ‘We’re open!’, or implement them to draw attention to your stand, business or gazebo. Perfect for conferences, festivals and other outdoor events, with blade feather sizes starting from 2.8m in height, no one will miss your message! Flags can also be used to draw attention to hand sanitising stations, working in conjuncture with our gazebos, which can be repurposed into these cleaning points.

Q: Are printed gazebos worth the investment?

Printed gazebos are a popular sight at food festivals, music events and outdoor leisure and corporate conference events. Ideal for drawing attention to your product or stand, a custom printed gazebo is a must have if you are advertising in amongst other businesses- be sure to make your design stand out and draw people in!

Custom printed gazebos start from £659, but are well worth  the investment. Depending on the weather conditions, gazebos are normally reusable, and your own graphics can be printed not just on the walls, but on the roof too! Made from strong polyester and supplied with a 3m x 3m frame and a carry case, these amazing, eye-catching marketing solutions are perfect for any event!

Plus, in the current situation, gazebos can be made into obvious and distinctive hand sanitising stations, helping to keep your staff and visitors safe, whatever the environment.

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Don’t forget, you can take advantage of our in-house design team to create unique artwork for any of our products, or you can design and upload your own! And if you’re in need of a custom shape or size, we can help; simply contact us today!

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