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Placing your Roller Banners for maximum impact

12th Apr 2016

It’s been proven time and time again that roller banners do give your business the utmost coverage it needs – and at a very reasonable price as well. But if you are having your own roller banner made and printed, the next big question is: where do you place it and where do you use it to get maximum advantage and impact?

In your shop

Of course, most roller banners made nowadays are made for use in retail business establishments. They come in especially handy if you would like to promote something new, a new service or product, perhaps, or if you have a special sale or bargain. But if you are planning to install your roller banner in your shop, where should it be placed?

Cheap roller banners

The entrance of your shop is an obvious area for the placement of your roller banner. But research has shown that most of your customers will actually look – or turn to – the right once they enter your establishment. So, if you want your banner to have optimum impact, place it near the entrance on the right side. Also, if you have a special sale or would like to promote a specific product, then you should place your roller banner right where this product or sale is situated. This makes complete sense, but you’d be surprised at how often some business owners neglect to take advantage of this.

You should also make it a point to observe your customers – where they glance, where they gravitate towards, and what attracts them. This way, you will then have a much better idea of where to place your banner for better exposure.

Right by your shop’s entrance

It also follows that most banners are placed right by a shop’s entrance on the outside. To attract visitors, your banner should have the appropriate elements – a good headline, a sub-headline or sub-header, and other sub-sections. For instance, a good headline would introduce a new product, followed by a sub-headline offering the product at a discount. Then your sub-sections could include the product’s benefits as well as an image or two.

At an exhibition or trade show

Here at Roller Banners UK, we know all about trade shows – after all, we’ve created hundreds upon hundreds of special roller banners for trade shows and exhibitions. Ifyou have a booth or stall, you can choose to have your roller banner as a backdrop to lure visitors to your booth or stall and have an attractive, impressive booth as well.

At the end of the day, wherever you decide to use it, your roller banner will surely draw attention to your business. And the best aspect is that you can use it and re-use it, transport it with ease, and take full advantage of it for many years to come.