Printed Wide Roller Banners

Printed Wide Roller Banners

We’ve already taken a look at how roller banners can help your business (take a look at our post here), but have you considered the merits of wide roller banners? Wide roller banners offer a range of exciting uses, that can help promote your business, offer information, and keep your staff and customers safe in this difficult time.

Take a look at our Q and A’s below for more information- and should you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wide roller banner

Why use a wide roller banner?

To fill up those vast, empty spaces, consider using a wide roller banner! Let’s say you’re at an exhibition, event or conference and have blank wall behind you- why waste that space? Similarly if you’re running a business and have empty space, why not put it to good use?

Wide roller banners can be printed with anything you like! Meaning you can use that space to promote products and services, offer promotions and communicate your unique branding to customers. In the current Covid 19 climate, a wide roller banner can draw attention to a hand sanitizing station, convey a message of social distance or even depict a graphic of a person wearing a mask: important messages to help keep your staff and visitors safe.

Do you have different types of wide roller banner?

Yes indeed, we have a type for every budget!

Our wide Economy Roller Banner is a cost-effective, simple design, essentially our economy model but wider! It’s designed for one-off or infrequent use. Our Budget Wide Roller Banners are still cost-effective, but have more durability. The base is secured by two sturdy feet and the stands are easy to transport and set up.

Our Premium Wide Roller Banners are very popular – they come with a heavy, quality base (no need for feet!) and are printed with high resolution graphics on SuperSmooth Lightstop. These stands will last!

How wide are wide roller banners?

Our Economy roller banners are available in 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m widths (2m height). Our Budget roller banners offer widths up to 2m (2m height). And finally, our Premium roller banners are the largest option: extending to 2.15m in height and in widths up to 2.9m.

What if I don’t want to design artwork for my wide roller banner?

No problem at all! We know that with more space to work on, coming up with a design can be even harder! Take advantage of our in-house banner design service and our team of professionals will create the perfect artwork for you. Simply tell them what you’d like, send over any logos or imagery that you’d like included and hey presto- they create a bespoke piece for your banner!

Should you have any questions about our wide roller banners, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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