Promoting Your Business Locally

We know that competing with other businesses is always difficult, but with our handy top tips you can get ahead of your competitors! Read on to find out how to go about promoting your business locally in the current climate.

How to promote your business: provide blogs and information

How to promote your business locally

Free information, guides and how-to lists are extremely popular. Customers enjoy getting ‘something for nothing’, and having a blog space allows you to share top industry tips from the professionals, with free access.

It also provides a space to talk about any initiatives, charitable giving, community work or other topics of interest that might not necessarily feature on your main product site. This will increase your affability factor, and allow people to see a more ‘human’ side to your company. You can also use your s to place your company geographically – mention local companies you work with and location-specific information. This will help generate a local audience.

Finally, s help to generate traffic to other parts of your website, so having a blog section will help increase sales, albeit indirectly.

Promoting Your Business Locally: within the community

Ways to promote your business locally

Many people find themselves asking: How do I promote my business locally? With online stores we often find the customers come from all across the UK, which is fantastic! However, promoting your business within the local community can be extremely beneficial to your enterprise and its sales, and promotion comes in many forms.

Firstly, considering using custom made signs to tell your customers when you reopen after the lockdown. You could also choose to print custom-designed flyers and have them in local shops and businesses, offering a local discount code. Consider using a roller banner at the entrance of your store or business, promoting local events that you are endorsing or sponsoring. Or why not set up a stall or stand for your business at a local conference, event or fete? This is a great way for the local community to meet you, learn about your business and put a face to a name – the personal touch is always highly successful.

How to promote a new business: create an online social presence

Promote your business through social media

Use social media to offer interesting information to your audience, and promote local events. This is especially useful for new, unestablished businesses. By creating interesting content you will gain organic followers.

By getting your social media involved with the local community, you increase your local reach and potential customers hugely! For example, if you’ve created a wide outdoor banner for a local school, why not share this (with their permission!). This will generate interest from other local schools, colleges and universities!

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