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So much can happen in a day. Wars have been lost or won. Great statesmen have seen their rise or fall. The British weather swings from summer to winter and vice versa with a new dawn. In all of this we have learned that the only certainty in life is that it most certainly will change. Expect the unexpected. Plan for the unplanned.

And yet we are still caught out by those eleventh-hour alterations and unforeseen decisions made by our colleagues at ‘lastminute.com!’ You may know the scenario well. Your Marketing Manager received the email months ago to register for this all-important trade event, which he dutifully replied to, but completely neglected to inform you of the need to acquire brand new signage and presentation media. At the realisation you only have limited hours to prepare, and there is no way out, your blood runs cold, then you sweat profusely and hyperventilate without warning… We’re good at last minute requests!

Pull Up Banners 24 Hours Delivery

So, calm down and take a nice, deep, breath. It’s all in hand. There are those of great wisdom who have prepared for such unexpected events and have set in place a contingency to get you off the hook. So, fret not. Help is available for you to come up with the goods and still save face.

Where do you start?

This is all new territory for you. That smug office creep, Derek, mentions something about sorting the pull up banners and pop up exhibition stands first as the artwork will take days to produce. “What is a pull up banner?” you ask your mate. “You know” she kindly advises seeing the look of panic on your face, “roller banners, roll up banner thingies, like roller blinds but you can’t put them up in your bedroom window!” Then you vaguely remember the one and only tradeshow you visited, these were the mainstay of marketing visual aids used by companies to promote their business product or brand. You jump onto the internet and frantically type in ‘Rollerbanner, fast delivery’ desperately hoping someone can create a beautiful yet professional work of art to decorate your company’s booth. Your tension fades as you are presented with a vast array of banner info enough to educate the least rollerbanner savvy individual!

According to Wiki “Banners are used in many business ventures, marketing to a potential audience… Pre-printed banners… are simple and accessible… can be printed in enormous formats, with a full range of rich colours.” This is music to your ears. It appears straight forward enough. You also discover that these advertising banners come in all shapes and sizes and can be free standing retracting into a solid base, which means they’re easy to carry and store too. ‘Reusable,’ ‘recycled.’ These words ring in your head. Mr Parks in Resources will be so chuffed with you! Your new-found confidence is starting to grow as you ask yourself – “What do I do first to create my pull up banner?

You have two basic decisions to make. Will you create your own artwork for the banner or ship your ideas out to a designer? And which designer/printer will you choose?

If you have decided the DIY route there are many really useful designing tools available to download such as Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop, or Sketch 3 and Flat UI. (Click for advice on how to use Adobe Illustrator.

First Stop

There are designers and printers aplenty so which one should you choose? One promises high quality cut-vinyl. Another boasts an economy range. Yet another promises to get the job done in 24 hours for a nominal fee, if you’re prepared to produce your own artwork. In fact, when you look closer you see this company offers all of the above.

Rollerbanners UK, (based in Hampshire) are masters of their own art. All things banner; roll up, pop up, roller, retractable, whatever you want to call it, is what they do best. They have the equipment, the skills, the set up and the organisation to produce a state of the art piece of artwork to make your exhibition stand proud. The testimonials of satisfied customers vouch for this.

On receipt of his Wide Budget Roller Banner Gary Williams posted on 11 th January 2018:“Excellent value for a high quality product with super fast delivery.”

Dan Mongillo was equally pleased with his Pop up exhibition Stand and states:“… the graphics are top quality and the stand is a lot sturdier than expected. Extremely impressed with the product, service and turnaround.”

James refers to his 3×3 stand in these terms: “High quality print, delivered faster than any other supplier I could find at a lower price!”


Rollerbanners standard turnaround for printing and delivering your order is usually 48 hours. However, as a special concession to those in a rush they can perform said tasks in an amazing 24 hours. All you have to do is submit your artwork on line or in person by 2pm and voila! You will have your brand spanking roller banner, complete with carrycase and packaged up in your sweaty paws by 5pm the very next day! Of course, this is dependent on quantities, order specifications and machine requirements on the day. If any of these are an issue the ‘Rollerbanners boys’ promise to do their utmost to have your banner with you as quickly as possible. If your job is ‘ultra-urgent’, just give them a call on 02380 700111 and they will work their magic to achieve the impossible.

Speedy Couriers working in conjunction with Rollerbanners provide a free delivery service to any UK mainland address. For the anxious recipient, online tracking is available for you to monitor the progress of your package as it wings its way towards you.

What does a Roller banner cost?

The Rollerbanners range suits all budgets, from cheap roll-up banners to full exhibition display stands. For instance, you can choose from the SuperSaver Roll up Banner at £26.00 or the Budget Roller Banner for £45.00. At the other end of the scale, for your tradeshow the Pop up Exhibition Stand at £390 and £455 for the Premium version.

comporator with exhibition stands

The Rollerbanners team are just a call away to ensure your ‘24 little hours’ are as stress free as possible. Contact them for advice on products or printing, to discuss uploading artwork correctly or downloading banner design templates and to submit your ideas direct to the In house Design Studio.

02380 700111

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