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It’s another year. A season of change, of adjustment and new beginnings. An opportunity to analyse what went well for your business in 2018 and what needs to be modified or replaced for 2019. What are some of the commercial experts predicting for the coming year? Consumer analysts MINTEL have highlighted several developments in consumerism forecast to affect the global economy. Whilst consumers are becoming more aware of their “digital persona” which needs attention as much as their physical well-being, they are also realising their place in ‘the prevention of plastic pollution” and the need to change their behaviours. There are signs from the buying public, as well as from manufacturers that commerce is no longer at loggerheads with the UN global goals for sustainable development, and after a sluggish start the message is finally getting through. Great news then for the planet but what else can we expect to change in the business scene?


One or two key points to keep an eye on globally in the coming year:

  • The global economy is expected to continue its growth to 3.1% and GNP will slow in key markets such as Europe (1.9%) and Japan (0.9%)
  • The technology of the year will be 5G, increasing processing speeds by more than ten times and sparking a race between nations to be the first to market.
  • Bots will continue to replace apps in customer service reducing enquiries by up to 70%.
  • E-Commerce is expected to grow 20% in pace with the 2017-2018 rate.
  • It may be the start of a slowdown for established social networking companies as larger businesses are shifting their spending to new platforms.
  • The credibility of the UK’s financial hub of commerce will take a hit due to destabilisation by Brexit.

(Ref: Mark Emmer, author, speaker and consultant in strategic planning)

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For the UK:

  • Phones with folding screens will finally become available to buy.
  • There will be an increase in entrepreneurs seeking to start a microbusiness,
  • (9 employees or less) in lieu of recruitment into large organisations.
  • The UK will invest heavily in a programme of training at both an educational and vocational level to compensate for migration of talent.
  • It is estimated that Influencer Marketing ad spending* will increase dramatically but so will Influencer fraud.

(Ref: Small 2019 predictions: what’s on the way for businesses?)

* “Influencer marketing focuses on people who have
influence on potential customers, such as industry leaders or celebrities and
orients marketing activities around these influencers.” (Wikipedia)

How about changes at industry level?


Exhibition displays are becoming ever more creative and impressive year on year. What will the focus be for 2019?

Experts agree there is a trend emerging for movement in displays rather than a flat graphic which may be created through monitors or functioning aspects of the display itself to attract customer attention.

Since exhibition space is costly, companies are making use of every inch of space allocated including height. So, expect to see tall overhead displays signposting the brand.

Buyer confidence is boosted with the presence of products being advertised and exhibition marketers have cottoned on to this integrating a Product Wall into the display for customers to peruse.

There is an increase in demand for re-usable displays as the exhibition events calendar places increasing demands on businesses to participate and to develop an ecological awareness.

In recognition of this, Leach, the UK leader in high impact, large format graphic displays, maintains there’s still place for the old style ‘build and burn’ timber solutions “because they enable brands to showcase something bespoke at every event. But many organisations are developing a growing ‘eco-conscience’ and seeking something re-usable as a result.”

What is available on the market to accommodate these changes?


The new recyclable roller banner is added to the Roller Banner repertoire!



The EazyChange Roller Banner is a state-of-the-art display stand with a rollable printed graphic panel in a detachable cartridge. The graphic cartridge can be quickly and easily changed for another, whilst retaining the same stand base. This means the graphics can be interchanged as often as required, or simply replaced when they become obsolete. Eco-friendly and cost effective.


What are the features of the EazyChange Roller Banner?

The retractable graphic is teardrop shape and constructed of high quality, supersmooth, lightstop material. The graphic cartridge can be dropped into the base and secured by pulling a latch, without the use of tools.  There are two sizes of width available, 800cm or 1m, extending to a height of 2.1m.

Each kit includes:

  • A high resolution, full colour printed graphic
  • A stable, heavyweight stand without feet
  • A padded carry case

How long will it take to order an EazyChange Roller Banner?

Once your order is confirmed and payment received, production turnaround is usually 48 hours (standard) or 24 hours (Express) if artwork is in the hands of the design team by 10am. There is no charge for standard delivery.

Can you design your own EazyChange roller banner?

The choice is yours. If you opt to create your own banner artwork make sure you have read the online Artwork Guide or spoken to one of the Design Team to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.

Alternatively, you can hand over your design brief to the professional graphic design team to work their magic.

How to set up the EazyChange Roller Banner

As the name suggests, it’s easy! Follow these simple steps to set up your banner stand:

  1. Remove the graphic cartridge, base and telescopic pole from the carry bag.
  2. Ensure the correct graphic is in the cartridge.
  3. Fit all parts of the pole together by inserting the narrow end of one pole into the wider end of
  4. Place the end of the pole without mouldings into the central hole on the base, ensuring it is locked
    into position.
  5. Gently draw up the graphic out of the base whilst leaning the pole backwards to a workable height.
  6. When the graphic rail reaches the top of the pole, partially rotate the rail forward and fit the rear of the rail into the pole mouldings. Your stand is now ready to use.

How to change the EazyChange graphic cartridge?

Watch our video demonstration to see how simple it is  to change the cartridge.

The Roller Banners Team are awaiting your call 02380 700111 or chat online today!

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