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How to create a wall with roller banners

Previously we introduced the Link2 to you and showcased the innovative exhibition stand in our product spotlight blog titled The World’s first seamless linking roller banner! In the blog we showcased the product and its features plus explained how to assemble and how to pack down the stand. Here, in this blog, we’ll give you some top tips on how to use the Link2 and give your display the wow factor.

Demand for something new

Designed and manufactured in the UK the Link2 is innovative, versatile and convenient. It was developed to meet exhibitors requests for affordable quality. Based on the popular and familiar roller banner format, it is the most adaptable exhibition display stand yet.

Big impact with multiple uses

An entire system of retractable banners that can be attached, without evidence of a join. PLUS the Link2 roller banner features fully interchangeable graphics that allow you to change your own graphics – hassle free. Simply order replacement graphics and do the rest yourself. Allowing your stand to grow and evolve with your business.

Popular uses include:

  • Wall of graphic display
  • Backdrop
  • Room partition
  • Photo booth backing
  • Stage scene setters
  • Photo shoot backing
  • Press wall
  • Fashion show changing screen
  • Ballet partition screen
  • Step and repeat sponsorship logo wall
  • Exhibition display stand

Maximum versatility

Each interlocking banner can be used separately or interchangeably for smaller events and one-off advertising. Consider these uses when design your banner so that the final design works together as a wall, as well as separately as a single panel roller banner. This will save you money on marketing material, as you will be able to use the display stand at many different events of varying formats. From a single panel roller banner at a small trade show event, to a long corridor length advertising campaign.

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 Create a wall

  1. Know your floor plan – Creating a wall is easy. First you need to know how much space you have to fill. If you areunsure of the floor space available at an event then simply contact the venue. A venue will have the floor measurements of your allocated area and a floor plan to hand. They will also be able to answer any other questions you might have and advise on facilities like access to electrical points. If you are ordering lights with your stand you will need to me able to plug these in.
  2. Adapt your vision to the venue – If you have time before the event, it’s also a good idea to visit the venue. This is especial important if you have never been to the venue before. This allows you to double check your allocated space for any obstructions and make sure the vision you have for the space works well. Make sure that if you would like to create a full length wall that you are not blocking any exits. The beauty of the Link2 is that it is very adaptable and if the final stand is too wide for the space, then a roller banner section can be removed.
  3. Check for angles, obstructions and exits – Measure the floor space and check how many Link2 roller banner sections you will need. Also note any changes in angles. Need a curve? No problem. The linked roller banner stand can also be ordered with flexible joining panels. This allows you to create and add a curve, or add a direction change, to you exhibition stand. The flexible panels allow the Link2 roller banner stand to be adapted to suit the exhibition plot/stand space provided by your exhibition venue. It’s also a good idea to check the ceiling height and check for any signage that might be obstructed by your stand.  Note: The Link2 is available in two height options. It is available in 2,000mm or 2,175mm high panels.
  4. Tally up the kit required – Your overall aim is to create a unique and professional looking exhibition stand, than showcases your brand and offer. Once you are familiar with the space available you can tally up the kit you will need. Use multiple kits to create a large format display wall. There is no limit to the number of design panels you can use. Just keep adding until your display space is filled! Double, triple and quad Link2 roller banner kits can be ordered online, for larger orders contact our helpful team on 02380 700111.
  5. Prepare your artwork for printing – Once you are confident that your vision will work well and you know how many panels you will need, then it’s time to artwork your design. The Roller Banner UK team have shared artwork guides for both the 2,000mm high panels and the 2,175mm high panels, so that setting up your artwork couldn’t be easier.

Time saving

Link2 Roller Banners have a host of innovative features including a patented levelling system for accurate graphic alignment, a spring tensioning adjustment and an interchangeable graphics system.

Assembling the Link2 stand is simple and easy, with no tools required. Roller them up like a roller banner and join. Seamless joining is created by our patented tensioning system and alignment features. View our handy assembling guide for advice on how to assemble the Link2 roller banner.

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The speed of set up and pack down will save you valuable time before and after an event. No longer will you need to wait for additional support staff or heavy equipment and cases. No matter that size of your exhibition Link2 display it is still only made up of roller banners which can be dismantled and packed away very quickly. Plus the Link2 roller banner kits come with a padded carry bag included to protect the banner during transport and storage. Helping to keep your exhibition stand in good condition so that you can use it again and again.

Once you have designed your banner, double checked all of the information and created a high resolution PDF – your design is ready to be printed. Send it to our team, who will check the printability of the PDF and prepare the files for printing.

Sit back, have a cup of tea and let us take over. Delivering your beautifully printed Link2 roller banner display to your doorstep. With a great range, offers and fast delivery we won’t disappoint!

Find out more about our design service, browse online or simply chat to an expert call 02380 700111.

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