Common Roller Banner Mistakes To Avoid

Roller banners, because of their high visual impact and portability, are excellent tools for advertising a store, an offer or an exhibition. However, as with any form of advertising, there are several dos and don’ts that you should take into consideration when thinking about what to put on them. To ensure you get your message across, steer well clear of the following common roller banner mistakes…

common roller banner mistakes


Not edible cheese, just the verbal kind. Sometimes cheesy advertising works simply because it is cheesy, eliciting a good-hearted groan; the problem with cheesy marketing messages though, is that they say nothing new. Roller banner marketing should be original, using wording that interests and entices rather than turns-off.

Never say never

Marketing is all about being positive, so when you are writing copy for your roller banner, avoid making any negative comments, such as ‘We don’t’ or ‘We only do’. Focus on what your business can do to generate enquiries. Once contact has been made by a potential client, that is the time to start answering questions about what you can and cannot offer.

Avoid setting a price

Unless your roller banner has been created to specifically disseminate information about a special price offer or particular bargain, avoid stating prices on it. Not only will this date your roller banner as prices fluctuate, a set price may turn potential customers away as well. If people believe they cannot afford what you are offering, why should they bother looking further into your services? Always aim for attracting attention rather than informing your potential customers. Once they have examined the product or service you are offering, they may discover that they are willing to pay the price after all.

Too much contact information

Generic information often spoils advertisements. The same problem with prices, as seen above, can be seen with contact information, such as telephone numbers, email addresses and locations, as they are subject to change. A roller banner that features these may well become out of date, frustrating your potential customers who do try to make contact with you. Of course, a little contact detail may be necessary, if for example, your business is a restaurant and your roller banner is set up in a shopping mall to advertise a new menu, or a special food offer. The customer will need to know where your restaurant is in the complex, so your address or a statement such as ‘find us on Level 2’ will be necessary, but an email address is not, nor is a telephone number particularly helpful in such an instance.

Spelling mistakes and other errors

This could almost go without saying, but you must ensure that your roller banner contains no spelling mistakes, poor grammar or typos. People will notice the misplaced apostrophe and misspelled words, and it creates a very poor impression – if your advertising is clumsy, potential customers may think your services will be as well. Always check and double-check your roller banner artwork before it is printed to avoid appearing unprofessional and so lose custom.

Avoid these common roller banner mistakes and you’re stand up banner will certainly do the job!

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