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Roller banner FAQ

Rolling banner, pop up banner, pullup banner, free standing banner, retractable banner… the list goes on! You might know this popular product by any of the above names, or even by one that’s totally different (I’m looking at you, barracuda banner!). Whatever name you know them by, it can be useful to understand exactly what the product entails, why you should use them, the materials used etc. That’s why we’ve compiled this extensive roller banner FAQ section! Read on for all your questions answered. 

roller banner FAQ

What are roller banners?

Roller banners are pop up banners. A custom printed image and design (of your choice) is printed onto 290 micron (420gsm) Supersmooth Lightstop material which forms the banner. This is then pulled out of the roller banner base (hence the moniker ‘pull up banner’) and secured with a metal pole. This creates a freestanding banner that can be displayed virtually anywhere! 

Are roller banners the same as pop up banners?

Yes and no! ‘Pop up banner’ is a commonly used term for a roller banner and in this case, the two are the same product. 

However, sometimes ‘pop up banners’ is a term used to refer to ‘pop out banners’ – which are a different type of freestanding banner (check out pop out banners here). 

Is a pop up banner the same as a pullup banner?

Yes – this product is often referred to as a pop up banner or pull up banner. A pull up banner is so named because you pull the graphic out of the base – literally pulling it up to display your banner. 

What materials do you use in your roller banners?

Our graphics are made from 290 micron (420gsm) Supersmooth Lightstop material. This high quality material means that your graphic banner will remain visually eye-catching and vibrant for a long time!

The stand and pole are made from sturdy aluminium, as are the swing out feet for our standard roller banners and solid base found in our premium model

Is a banner with stand the same product?

Yes it can be. We often have customers refer to a rolling banner as ‘a banner with stand’ – as it is a freestanding banner stand that comes complete with its own banner, stand and carry case! This means you don’t need to purchase any additional stand equipment.

However, if you’re looking for an outdoor banner stand – take a look here

How do you assemble a roller banner?

We’ve compiled a handy guide for this very question – check out assembling a pullup banner for clear step by step instructions with diagrams!

Which rolling banner model should I use? 

Great question! We answer this in more detail in our other FAQ page, so head over there for more detail. But in short, from least use to most use:

  1. Economy  – cheap roller banners with high quality printing, best for short term or one off use.
  2. Budget  – more durable and our most popular model, best for frequent use on a budget. 
  3. Premium – long term, reliable with no swing out feet but rather a solid base for extra solidity.
  4. Exclusive –  top of the range, long term, reliable. 

Can I make a double sided pop up banner?

Yes! Our custom printed double sided banners can feature different designs on each side – giving you twice the marketing space in one nifty and portable device! You can choose to have the same design on both and catch passersby on both sides (good for a busy hallway or exhibition space) or opt for different designs and alternate!

So there you have it! If we haven’t answered your question please do feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of roller banner printing experts, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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