Roller Banner Uses

Roller Banner Uses

Communication occurs in three forms; verbal, nonverbal and visual. When it comes to advertising, contact with your consumer is almost entirely visual making use of images, colours, fonts and symbols and composing them in an attractive way. Roll up banners are highly visual and perceptibly powerful display stands that provide a blank canvass on which to convey messages, generate information and create brand awareness. Add to this versatility, easy set up and dismantling and cost effectiveness and it becomes easy to understand why this marketing tool has become so popular. Take a look at our A-Z of roller banner uses below!

Take a look at our A-Z of roller banner uses below! 

Make your roller banner work for you

There are many ways to put your pull up displays to use. Select from the alphabetic list of roller banner uses below:

An A-Z of roller banner uses

Airport food and drink outlets use the banners to advertise special offers, discounts and promotions.
Bureau de change kiosks, car hire and public transport booths draw attention to important currency and schedule information or short-term deals.

Activity associations, such as sports clubs, youth organisations and children’s groups, can make use of the roller banners to decorate the reception and exterior of the locations where they are held. They can also be used to advertise any upcoming events and fundraising efforts, as well as to highlight the association name and slogan.

Bus stations can use the outdoor roller banners as signage indicating to travellers where each service operates. Also, they draw attention to any offers for reduced price travel, such as season tickets and discount cards by placing the roller banners in a prominent place like the ticket office.

Bars and cafés like to advertise their special offers and discounts on the street or in the car parks. The smaller banners can be placed on the counter or bar top displaying the menu or drink promotion of the day.

Beauty Salons and spas make their customers aware of the many products on offer as well as any membership deals available. A selection of different sized roller banners in reception can not only add to the ambiance of the premises but advertise any special promotions or deals.

Car showrooms continually offer special finance deals on specific vehicle models. The bullet points of these arrangements can be clearly presented on large roller banners positioned at the doorways or in reception.

Charity organisers arranging fundraising events need to get the word out to the local community and displays located in public areas indoor and outdoor give notice of the location, dates, programme and of course the charity involved.

Doctors and Dentist surgeries are obvious public gathering places to advertise local events, community news and public health information.

Exhibitions are held in special halls and function rooms, focused on specific themes, inviting the public to learn more about the subject matter and the commercial or non-commercial entities connected to it. A great opportunity to promote your brand or organisation to a vast audience, roller banners draw attention by using colour, simple text and images to summarise the name, activities and USP’s.

Festivals are abundant in the summer months, taking many forms and inviting large numbers to gather and enjoy the best of what the UK has to offer in the way of beer, wine, gin, country crafts, music, local produce, livestock etc. Pull up banners do a great job of signposting, advertising the many brands, highlighting promotions and listing the day’s programme.

Gyms and fitness centres are always on the lookout for new members as the healthy lifestyle regime continues. New incentives, short term discounts and free trials are all aspects of the business that can be displayed throughout the building to keep their members up to date. Outdoor roller banners draw attention to interest off the streets to try the facilities and sign up.

Hotel receptions and high-profile locations such as landings and hallways, are useful for displaying to guests and potential customers the facilities, daily menu or special services on offer. A desk top display is a good way to notify the public of changes in the normal running of the hotel.

Ice rinks and roller-skating parks run special promotions during school holidays and display these on pull up banners in the car park, outside the building and in reception. Details of any season tickets and family cards available can be printed on smaller roller banners and placed in busy walkways or in changing rooms or locker rooms.

Job centres are located easily by large roller banners printed in the corporate colours and placed outside

Kids parties, anniversary dos and family gatherings are organised at venues and dressed with printed roller banners of varying sizes to create a themed backdrop.

Leisure centres have a vast amount of information to convey to members and potential customers, from membership details to pool hygiene regulations, daily activity schedules to class listings and special offers and events.

Museums and art galleries run different exhibitions throughout the year which need to be advertised to the public. Roller banners can be positioned throughout the various rooms informing of the theme, dates and any special guests or artists who will be present for the event. Multi link roller banners make a great backdrop or screen between exhibits.

Market stalls list produce and prices on display stands to encourage customers to buy.

Nightclubs decorate the entrances with high profile larger banners advertising the venue and position smaller displays to announce any special drinks promotions at the bar.

Office foyers display company names and slogans on roller banners to inform customers they’ve reached the right place. Any ‘one off ’promotions or deals can be rotated on stands with interchangeable graphics.

Public houses draw in the punters by way of summer events in the garden and special BBQ evenings with live music. Retractable banners can be positioned by main entrances, access points to the garden and in hallways leading to WCs.

Photographers find a good way to show the quality of their work is to have examples printed onto banners and exhibited at local events and around the local area.

EQuestrian and sporting events, such as road and cycle races advertise sponsors on exterior roller banners dotted along the course and around refreshment kiosks.

Railway station refreshment kiosks advertise certain coffee brands or lunch deals for customers to take advantage of. Roller banners are positioned in conspicuous areas around the counter and seated areas.

Shopping centres have a vast area in which to promote certain retail outlets, eating places and current sales, as well as banners set up to inform the public of opening times, safety procedures and signage to toilets, ATMs etc.

Tradeshows offer business to business meet ups and networking opportunities. Wide roller banners make great backdrops for the stands
while the smaller roll up displays are used to enforce brand awareness and list customer benefits.

Theatres place roller banner advertising stands in foyers, near toilets and on public thoroughfares throughout the building. This is a very effective way to build anticipation for future shows and productions.

Universities, colleges and sixth forms locate the pull up bannerson campus and in student unions to inform about forthcoming entertainments, student discounts and careers events.

Vet Surgeries often have plans for ongoing pet treatment and care to encourage loyalty. The details of these, including the price and what the plan includes can be summarised on roller banners set up in the waiting rooms.

Wedding venues advertise their key features and benefits, guest facilities and planning support on pull up displays located in foyers and around the exteriors. The schedule for the day as well as the seating plan for guests can be printed on miniature stands and placed on tables.

Workshops, meetings and presentations are enhanced by the addition of a printed backdrop to summarise the main points and for the audience to focus on.

X Banner display stands are an alternative to roller banners and are suitable for conventions, workshops, presentations and product launches.

Yacht and sailing clubs use retractable banners to list the contents of memberships or to advertise a vessel for sale.

Zoos and animal parks show the feeding times on graphics that can be changed daily if necessary. They also serve as signage for visitors to find their way around and to avoid any out of bound areas.

There you have it – our A-Z of roller banner uses! The versatile roller banner display stand is truly a useful piece of kit that can be created to suit almost any requirement, adapted as needed by changing the graphic, easily retracted into the stand after use and stored in a limited space. All this at a very reasonable price. Contact the Roller Banners team today for your quote or talk through your specific needs and design options.

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