Roller banners with custom demo counters

Roller Banners UK offers a wide selection of roller banners to meet the promotional needs of your company. With our quick service, we can help you to stand out from the crowd at your next trade show or promotional event. Combining our stylish and eye catching roller banners with a custom demo counter featuring your company logo and art work is sure to give you the profile you’re looking for. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider roller banners and a demo counter for your next promotion. Roller banners with custom demo counters = success!

Roller banners with custom demo counters = success

Roller banners with custom demo counters offer:

Convenience and portability

Travelling to conferences, exhibitions, etc. means transporting promotional materials and other supplies. The more convenient and portable your materials, the more time you will have to actually promote your business and network with colleagues. Our custom demo counters are a quick and convenient way to display all your promo materials – the demo counter folds down for transport in a stylish black bag that is no larger than many suitcases. Roller banners also fold and can be easily transported no matter how you are travelling. Both feature lightweight designs that make them a great promotional choice for any business.


Counters and roller banners can be easily customised based on your changing marketing campaigns and business needs. Since they are so affordable you will want to make sure you have plenty of different banners. Some customers even have banners made that they change with the seasons in order to add a touch of cheer to their business. Stands can of course be reused, making a roller banner a great promotional investment even for businesses on a tight budget.

Neat storage solution

Our demo counters have ample storage space so you can keep your display looking tidy while ensuring that you don’t have to go far for supplies or have a lot of storage containers at your counter. This ensures that you are able to make the best use of available space without anyone feeling cramped. 


All our roller banners are made of durable materials so they can be reused many times. For more extreme or outdoor conditions we offer roller banners made to stand up to the weather. Stands can be filled with sand or water so you never have to worry about wind damage.

Fast solution for last minute events

Roller banners and demo counters can be created with a very short working time. This makes them a great solution for those last minute promotional events, seminars, trade shows, etc. This allows your company to take advantage of last minute advertising and promotional opportunities without looking like you just threw something together quickly.

Low cost design help when you need it most

Roller Banners UK is proud to offer a low cost design service for customers that want the best advertising materials but might be short on time or just starting out and need a bit of design help.

Contact us today and get started designing your next exhibition display.



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