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The World’s first seamless linking roller banner!

There is no missing link with Link 2! Designed and manufactured in the UK this innovative new exhibition display stand is the next generation of roller banner meeting the current and future needs of exhibitors and event organisers alike.

The familiar roller banner format is at the heart of the Link 2, but it’s streets ahead in the versatility and convenience stakes. An entire system of retractable banners that can be attached, without evidence of a join, to form a wall of graphic display, an eye-catching backdrop or impressive array of step and repeat logos. And yet there’s more. Each interlocking banner can be used separately or interchangeably for smaller events and one-off advertising. There is no limit to the number of design panels you can use. Just keep adding until your display space is filled!

What’s in the kit?

As with regular roller banners each graphic panel rolls into the retractable base, with four stabilising feet, interconnecting uprights and magnetic locking bars all contained in a practical carry bag for easy transportation. Printed on 240micron lightstop material the graphic section is laminated for durability and protection. Each banner comes out at 850mm wide with a choice of 2m or 2.175m height. The flexi version enabling effective curved displays is 235mm wide.

How to set up the Link 2

Treat each banner link as you would a normal roll up banner. Connect the bottom upright into the base unit by slotting it into the gap and twisting ninety degrees. Then link the other two components of the upright. Pull the graphic panel carefully upwards whilst tilting the upright towards you to reach the top and hook the panel on the top cap. Repeat this with all the individual roller banners. Read on for the clever part!

link banner 2

Special Features

Seamless linking of the panels is achieved by pushing one base up against another, squeezing the panel frames together and locking with the magnetic bars. Four stabilizing feet can be pulled out from the base to ensure the structure stands firm on uneven
flooring. The rear feet can also be retracted to enable the panel to be pushed up against a wall.

When floors are uneven, it is possible to manually align the design by moving it left and right, as well as up and down. This is a unique, patented feature to maintain the fluidity and overall professional look of the display.

There’s no need to purchase a completely new roller banner when it’s time to change the graphics as the Link 2 designers have built in a simple little tool to facilitate this. The blocking pin comes with the kit and needs to be inserted into the base to prevent further movement of the banner. The graphic panel can then be released from the base mechanism, unhooked from the top cap and rolled up for storage.

It’s just as simple to replace a new graphic panel. Start at the top this time, hook the top of the panel on the support pole, gently pull the banner down and slot it into the roller mechanism. Remove the pin and the banner will be free to retract. Ensuring the red lines are aligned on both the graphic panel and the base will enable the banner to retract correctly. Click on
this link for additional guidance.

How to dismantle the Link 2

It literally takes seconds to dismantle the Link 2 banners. Just pull the individual banners apart. Unhook the panel from the top and ease it back into its protective case. What could be simpler?

Link up with the Rollerbanners team today. They will be very happy to chat to you about ideas for your design, how to download your own artwork or to guide you through the whole process of obtaining your very own Link 2 system. They have a number of the most popular kits online, but due to its flexible nature the choice of configuration is really up to you! The average turnaround for this item is 3 working days, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free delivery. There is even an option to have your Link 2 banners professionally designed by the in-house team.

Give your competitors roller banner envy!

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