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UK summertime has finally begun! With temperatures soaring and predictions of the hottest day of the year, the masses are making their way to the cooler coasts. This is the most lucrative time of the year for coastal businesses, services and enterprises as their source of income is highly seasonal, they need to make ready to really cash in on this influx of revenue.

How can businesses maximise on visitor spend and really draw in the customers during the summer season?

seaside retail

Why we love the beach

Most of us love the coast, sea and surrounding areas for one reason or another. It could be linked to positive childhood memories, a need to rest and relax or maybe a change of scenery in which to exercise and engage socially. Whatever the reason we instinctively feel that the beach is beneficial for us.

Scientifically this has been proven. Numerous studies undertaken agree that spending time at the beach, whether it’s a vacation or just for the day, helps us physically and mentally in the following ways:

  • It lowers stress levels and promotes a feeling of calm
  • It helps to reduce blood pressure, by focusing on the blue of the sea and listening to the sound of the waves
  • It provides us with more Vit D from extra exposure to the sun
  • It is good for our skin as the sea provides minerals and the sand acts as an exfoliant
  • It promotes clear thinking and a place for meditation and creativity
  • It provides us with opportunities for exercise as walking on sand and swimming can help raise your heart rate
  • Locally sourced seafoods are nutritious
  • It creates the opportunity to give our body an EMR break from electronic gadgets

Apparently, our bodies inherently crave the sea and sand, so it’s no wonder we like to exodus to the beach when the circumstances are right! And the official figures confirm this. Visit
states that 37 million day visits were made to the UK beaches and coastline in 2015 and there is almost 8,000 miles of it for us to enjoy! Whilst spending time by the sea it is estimated that domestic visitors spend around £860m in seaside activities per annum.

Whilst the weather remains set fair visitors will flock to our beautiful beaches and willingly bring with them their hard-earned cash. How can businesses ensure they are ready for them?

Seaside shopping and retail outlets

  1. Make your shop sign standout with a memorable name and striking logo.
  2. Add signs on the street to catch attention. Make an offer, highlight a discount or special items for sale or just encourage the customer to ‘come in and look around.’
  3. Create a great window display to peak curiosity which follows a theme and includes movement
  4. Give your customer the VIP treatment with a ‘welcome mat’, refreshments on a hot day or some catchy ‘summer vibe’ music
  5. Fly some flags to add colour and guide visitors to the entrance
  6. Decorate your building to make it recognisable for what you sell or place large banners outside your premises advertising your key products.
  7. Choose a theme for interior design and set up your best-selling items nearest the door
  8. Use a variety of banner sizes to quiz your customers and encourage them to see the benefits of what you are offering


Beach bars, cafes and restaurants

  1. Appeal to the olfactory senses of those passing by leaving doors open to the odour of coffee brewing, bread baking or bacon frying
  2. Keep the entryway uncluttered and airy
  3. Invite friends and relatives to add atmosphere or play music during the lulls
  4. Place an A Board Sign on the pavement to entice people in
  5. Decorate your seating area with interesting memorabilia, attractive displays, table flowers or a notice board
  6. Use desk top roller banners guiding customers to ‘wait to be seated’ or where to pay
  7. Create an informal, homely atmosphere with newspapers and books to read, comfy seating and soft furnishings.

Set up an outside area for taking refreshments and where customers can sit with dogs

RNLI and Lifeguard stations

  1. Display wall mounted PVC displays to help visitors locate your station.
  2. Use free standing roller banners to highlight important events and information
  3. Flags are useful to show safe locations for water activities such as bathing, surfing and windsurfing
  4. Place wipeable noticeboards with tide and weather information in high profile locations
  5. Pavement signs are effective in creating awareness and giving warnings

For special awareness days or charity events use Gazebos to host and provide PA entertainment, in case of a change of weather

Special beachside events

Whether you’re planning a party, BBQ, wedding, fundraiser, beach sports, or music event check the following list:

  1. Register your event and apply for any necessary permits with the local council
  2. Check tide times to secure a good date for the event
  3. Draw up a risk assessment and arrange how to set up beforehand and tidy up afterwards
  4. For public events design your own posters and distribute them locally
  5. Decorate access to the area with flags so attendees don’t get lost!
  6. Use windproof banners to advertise sponsors or event details
  7. Roller banners with water filled bases are stable in winds and on uneven ground to advertise refreshments or give directions#
  8. Don’t’ forget to provide shade from the sun or shelter from the wind by locating several gazebos or umbrellas around the site

Water activity kiosks

  1. Pop up promotional stands or gazebos are useful hubs to meet customers and to hand out equipment
  2. Outdoor roller banners advertise the activities available and relevant prices
  3. Desk top roller banners give specific information to customers
  4. Flags enable customers to locate your business

Water taxis and boating hire

Highlight prices, as well as arrival and departure times on double sided forecourt signs with water fillable bases

Roller Banners of varying sizes advertise prices and discounts available

If you’d like your 2019 summer to ‘sizzle’, call Roller Banners UK, specialists in digitally printed promotional literature, displays and banners. Make your business shine at the beach with high quality designs to attract and draw in the crowds!

Call (02380) 700 111 to discuss your seasonal plans.

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