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Spring Edition: Outdoor Business Sign Ideas

Spring Edition: Outdoor Business Sign Ideas

6th Apr 2021

Spring has officially sprung! The clocks have gone back and days are longer, warmer and lighter!

Spring provides a welcome change for all of us after the dark days of winter, and comes with new freedoms as lockdown restrictions start to ease. But as the days change, so do consumer habits. We are all keen to socialise this Spring and pub/restaurants gardens will be a go-to from April 12th. Make sure your outdoor signage reflects these changes to help encourage customers and generate sales! Checkout our Spring outdoor display ideas here:

Spring banner ideas

Pavement Signs

With more people out and about, why not use pavement signs to draw people into your venue garden? Sometimes, it might not be immediately apparent that your venue has an outdoor space, so let potential sun-soakers know with an A board pavement sign! Supplied with 2 custom printed posters, this nifty board will promote from both sides. And, if the British weather continues with its infamous April showers, don’t worry – it’s fully waterproof!

Custom banners

When it comes to spring outdoor display ideas, there’s few products more versatile than a custom banner. We have a wide range of different banners available, all of which are custom printed to match your exact design. Promote your outdoor space, takeaway service or event with a mesh banner – perfect for withstanding any windy areas! Or why not shout about your current offers, new products or brand new menu items with a bright and durable PVC banner?

outdoor business sign ideas

Roller banners

We offer a huge variety of different roller banners for all your springtime advertising needs! Perhaps you are a venue that has a garden that can only be accessed through a building? Erect roller banners throughout the thoroughfare, directing keen customers to where they need to be! Consider using small desktop roller banners or strut cards, for on-table POS, directing customers to your website, point of ordering or even including a QR code to re-direct them to your online menu!

Forecourt Signs

When it comes to outdoor business sign ideas, many people forget the forecourt sign! Perfect for displaying your menu, a forecourt sign can stand at the entrance to your venue. The water-fillable base makes these incredibly sturdy and they are totally weather-proof. Use them to display food and drink items, Track and Trace QR codes or safety information.

Printed gazebos

The cream of the crop – a custom printed gazebo will be sure to catch eyes! Why not use one as a makeshift hand sanitising station, bar or POS? On sunny days, make the most of your space and consider having a DJ in gazebo in your venue garden; making your pub or restaurant outdoor space THE place to be!

EXO Banners

Our largest free-standing outdoor banner! Shout about your springtime promotions with our huge EXO banners! You can even join these together to create a ‘wall’ to cordon off any areas where customers can’t be (like indoors!) – perfect to showcase your branding, whilst keeping your customers safe and in the correct area.

Spring outdoor display ideas

So you've settled on your products. But what to put on an outdoor sign? If you’re struggling take a look at our springtime suggestions below!


Springtime is a time of renewal, so choose designs that are heavy in the following:

  • Bright, happy colours
  • Flowers: blossoms, daffodils, tulips etc
  • Animals: especially baby animals!
  • Sun, fun and nature
  • Pastel colours
  • Easter themes


  • Display new menu items – food and drink
  • Advertise 241 hours and other discounts
  • Promote your outdoor space /garden – let people know it’s there!
  • Shout about your upcoming outdoor events
  • Offer safety information on your venue

If you’ve enjoyed our outdoor business sign ideas, but are unsure how to create Springtime designs, never fear! We offer a graphic design service; one of our team of in-house designers can create your springtime artwork from scratch! Just get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

If you have any questions regarding our outdoor business sign ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. You can view our full range here.