Standing Out At A Trade Show

The green light has been given for businesses to reopen in the UK as lock down measures continue to ease and we look to head into a period recovery, and find out what a new ‘normal’ may be, it is already expected that a large number of startups may emerge following this period of time to replace those who haven’t been fortunate enough to keep going, which is great news for the exhibition and trade show industry which is also looking to get its legs back underneath itself. But if it’s your first trade show or you’re a little out of practice, figuring out ways to stand out may be difficult – but some of these points are a great place to start.

Standing Out At A Trade Show

It’s more than just visual

You’ll see a lot of exhibitions stretch to great efforts to make sure their display looks great – banners and stands everywhere to capture as much attention as possible, but standing out isn’t just about visuals. There are a number of exhibition display stands that come with different lighting options allowing you to play with light as a tool, without being intrusive sound can also serve a great benefit. Looking great is one thing, but a great display will incorporate other things too.

Rely on simplicity in design

It has been a main feature for other lists we’ve done, and for good reason – pop-up and display banners are a big part of your exhibition display, but over complicating them with too much information may hurt more than it helps – use nice bold colours, big lettering, and keep the message simple. Interaction and networking is a big part of these events, if a guest needs more information that your displays may not offer, you can be sure they’ll ask – being too aggressive here with design or approach can also have the opposite impact that was hoped for, as it may be seen as just a sales pitch rather than a networking opportunity.

A dynamic approach may benefit you

Granted it can be a little more difficult, but if you’re able to provide visitors with a new experience each time they pass, it makes a noteworthy experience. If you plan just two or three dynamic changes to your display throughout an event, you’re able to send the same message but also provide a fresh take for new or returning guests over the course of an event, if this is something that you feel will help, the best tip is to just plan, plan, plan. Executed properly, however, it can work wonders.

It is, after all, an experience – It’s important to understand that for both yourself and the guests, these trade shows and exhibitions are supposed to be seen as an experience. Keeping this in mind and treating it more than just a way to promote and sell your product will have a big difference and it’ll be noticed. Keep this in mind when making preparations as your primary goal, and everything else will fall into place following as a secondary success.

Even with knowledge, however, it can still be a daunting task – we have experts that can help with all aspects of preparing for an exhibition through design or planning but it will also come down to experience – there may be a growing number of opportunities that pop up in the coming weeks and months as the industry bounces back. You can contact us today to find out what options are available for you for any size and type of display, whether you’re a developed business or a start up, and start preparing to hit the trade show floors once again.

We want you to start standing out at a trade show, exhibition and, in fact, everywhere! Stand out today!

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