How To Come Up With A Strap Line For Your Business

Whether your business is new or established, straplines can be a great way to encourage more engagement with your company, products and message. Take a look at our handy FAQs to learn all about what makes a great strap line, and how to create your own.

What is a strap line

A strap line is a piece of textual branding that often accompanies a logo or other company image. For example, think of Innocent Smoothies simple and punchy ‘Tastes good, does good’ or Tesco’s ‘Every Little Helps’. These additional bits of company branding are short, snappy phrases that elaborate on the company ethos and message.

Strap lines are generally limited to a few words and can self-promote (e.g. Gillette- The best a man can get), motivate (e.g. Nike- Just do it) or even reinforce the product name (e.g. Bisto- Ah Bisto!).

What is a strap line?


Does a brand need a strap line?

You’ll notice that not all brands have strap lines – sometimes the logo is sufficient, or additional marketing techniques are used to provide the desired engagement (for example, the Go Compare song). However, a strap line, when used correctly, certainly reinforces your branding for an established company and can help explain your branding for a new business.

What is the purpose of a strapline?

A strapline explains your company in a few words. The benefits include:

  • Helping make your company memorable
  • Setting you apart from the competition
  • Acting as a ‘hook’ so that your customers
    associate products with a certain phrase
  • Instant, low-cost, snappy branding
  • Explanation and elaboration on your company
    message and ethos in a quick and efficient manner.

How do you come up with straplines?

How To Come Up With A Straplines

Coming up with a catchy and pertinent strapline can be a challenge. Follow our top tips for how to come up with a strapline for your business…

  • 1.Make sure it’s truthful. Don’t make fake promises, but be sure to offer the best of what your company does.
  • 2.Does it mean anything? Customers can see straight through glib cliches, so ensure it has real meaning.
  • 3.Keep it on brand. Remember your target audience – there’s no point choosing a tagline that appeals to a different group of people!
  • 4.Think outside the box. It doesn’t hurt to subvert expectations. Stella Artois ‘Reassuringly expensive’ did just that. Whereas most companies would push their relative value for money, Stella Artois’ previous slogan (retired in 2007) played on our expectations and surprised us, allowing for the comedy factor, which increases brand likeability.

How do you display your strapline?

Once you’ve created your perfect, punchy strapline, ensure you display it alongside your logo – probably underneath it. Create promotional displays on roller
, banners and signs, in high footfall areas, and allow your strapline to do the work for you!

If you need help designing your ideal signage to display your logo, strapline and branding, take advantage of Roller Banner’s in house design service. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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