Summer X Banners

As we enter the summer months, we’ve all been enjoying the gorgeous weather. Keeping everything firmly crossed that the sunshine will stay with us for a little longer, many of us are taking advantage of new outdoor activities. As restrictions ease and the sun beams down, pub gardens, outdoor events and sun-drenched activities are at an all time high. We take a look at the best summer uses for our summer X banners: advertise your event whilst keeping your visitors Covid safe.

summer X banners

Pub garden events signage

The pub garden is an absolute staple for British summertime. We all enjoy to sit back and relax with a class or two of Pimm’s or lemonade and enjoy being outside and dining alfresco.

Our weatherproof outdoor X banners are perfect to advertise new offers and promotions to your chilled out customers. Summer X banners can be printed with any design imaginable – so why not commit to a floral, summery theme to add to the ambience? Alternatively, consider including a large printed QR code on your banners. Allow garden-dwellers to visit your site and order online, without needing to move!

X banners for festivals

Some festivals are back this summer, but with an added caveat of social distancing and Covid awareness. Implementing sturdy, weatherproof X banners to provide directions, information or QR codes is a cheap and effective way of communicating with festival-goers. X banners come supplied with a water-fillable base, to ensure your banner will remain upright, no matter the weather!

Consider also, using a summer X banner as a great backdrop for a makeshift photobooth. Get your gusts to tag your event on Instagram and watch the followers pour in!

X banners and outdoor weddings

Use X banners to direct guests around your wedding venue, or even print the banner with the table places.

Alternatively, create a custom wide roller banner complete with the happy couple’s names and the date of the wedding – a perfect photo opportunity.

Beach direction and rules

We love the British seaside! But after the mess left by beach-goers last year, local councils and private companies are understandably concerned. X banners to the rescue! These nifty, easy-to assemble signs can be moved to wherever they are needed. If there’s a particularly dirty areas- erect your roller banner reminding people to take their rubbish with them.

X banners can also be put up on the prom, reminding people not to let dogs on the beach or directing them to the nearest toilet facilities. You can even use them to designate lifeguarded swimming areas!

Our X banners come with a full-colour, printed graphic panel on heavyweight PVC material, complete with eyelets for easy attachment. Should you have any queries, or ned any assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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