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Thinking of ordering banner printing? Read our top 5 tips

Thinking of ordering banner printing? Read our top 5 tips

Posted by Paul Serellis on 8th Feb 2017

When it comes to a marketing strategy for your company and brand, nothing is quite as effective –and, if we may add, as budget-friendly - as a banner. With your own banner you can market and promote your services and offerings in a way that can truly grab the attention of your target audience. But what should you consider when printing a banner? Here are the top five tips you should always keep in mind when thinking about banner printing.

The relevance of the logo

If you have a logo (and every company that’s worth its salt should definitely have one), then you might as well make the most of it in your banner. That being said, in using your logo for your banner, make sure that it’s at the top. Your logo as well as your most important message should always go at the topmost part of the banner, preferably at eye level.

Less is more

Another tip you should remember when it comes to banner printing is this: less is more. Although it may be tempting to load your banner with as much information as you can, your audience will just be more likely to scan through it and will not absorb your main message. Less is more - always. Keep the information to a minimum; after all, you can always impart more info through flyers and brochures. Also, remember that your audience will read from left to right – so your key info should be placed appropriately.

The colours say it all

Colours can also make or break the effectiveness of your banner , whether you are using printed banners at an exhibition or placing it at the street corner. The colours you choose should complement each other as well as complement your existing logo. Go for bright, bold colours such as red, yellow, and orange, but don’t mix similar colours such as white and yellow as they can be more difficult to view from far away.

The right image

Images count for a lot in your banner as well, especially when it comes to UK banner printing. Choose the right images – high quality ones, mind you. Consider it an investment, and it will pay off. Your images should be saved and ready to be printed as CMYK and not RGB.

Your contact info

Lastly, don’t forget your contact info. With your contact information placed at a strategic location on the banner, interested people can easily contact you. Make sure to include your website, your telephone number, and your email address. If you have social media accounts, include these as well. An additional tip: the most strategic placement of your contact details would often be near the banner’s bottom, but they should be easy to read and clearly made out.