Enhance Your Brand Image

Enhance Your Brand Image

In these days of apps and icons, it is important for businesses to develop a clear and simple brand image to stand out from the crowd. Think of any big name company – McDonald’s, Apple or Facebook – and you can be sure it is their logo that you think of first. Immediately identifiable, these companies have created a brand image that travels easily across continents and ignores language barriers. So how can you use roller banners to enhance your brand image? We find out…

enhance your brand with roller banners

You and your brand

You may not be the next technology giant or an up-and-coming social media guru, but you should consider your brand image to be just as important as that of the big boys. The best way to enhance your brand and plant it firmly in your customers’ mind is to use it consistently on all your marketing materials and signage.

This is especially true if your business appears regularly at trade events and exhibitions. The purpose of such events is threefold: to acquire contacts to add to your business network, develop partnerships with other suppliers who can supplement your business, and of course, to gain more sales leads. However, without quality signage, such as roller banners, you may be in danger of going unnoticed. Roller banners are eye-catching and will attract the attention of passers-by: allowing you to augment and enhance your brand image by having it associated with prevalence and quality.


Why roller banners over other kinds of signage to enhance your brand image? For one thing, roller banners are designed to be portable, so they provide a quick and easy means of advertising your exhibition stand, booth or stall. They are also designed to be re-usable, so unlike posters or other paper and card-printed material, you do not have to be too careful about how you use them, nor order them in bulk. Then there is the psychological impact of a roller banner. A roller banner is a sturdy piece of kit, so any customer who sees you using one will be inclined to think that you are serious about your business and ready to invest good money to create the best image.

Signage and brand enhancement

If you’re trying to enhance your brand image, as with any marketing material, there are a few unwritten rules that it is a good idea to abide by when it comes to the design of your roller banner.

One rule that must apply is the inclusion of your business logo and tagline or slogan. This is what is meant by brand image. Your logo should be an image that immediately identifies your company, while the slogan or tagline should define it. The inclusion of your brand image is especially important if you plan to place your roller banner away from your outlet and use it as a means of advertising to alert people to your presence elsewhere in the vicinity. Just remember that if you do use your signage in this way, it is vital that you include your address, as well as brief contact details in the design, so that people know where to find you or how get in touch.

Roller banners have high impact, but be careful to get their design right. Make a mistake with the graphics and you will be in danger of compromising your brand image and confusing or putting off your potential customers. Using roller banners effectively and correctly could be your solution to enhance your brand image.

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