Using Roller Banners

Using Roller Banners

You’ve no doubt seen roller banners (sometimes called ‘pull up banners’) on your travels over the years. They are especially popular in retail and hospitality, as well as the tourism industry. Pull up banners are often found in museums, theatres and art galleries, displaying new exhibition information or providing directions. But why roller banners specifically? What’s so great about them? We investigate the benefits of using roller banners here!

What are the benefits of using roller banners?

We’re so glad you asked…

How Roller Banners Work

1. Ease of assembly, transport and disassembly

Roller banners are extremely easy to assemble; simply pick your location, swing out any supporting feet (if your banner has them) and pull the graphic gently from the base, attaching to the inserted pole (check out our full guide on How To Set Up A Roller Banner). The whole process takes just seconds!

Similarly, disassembly is easy; just unhook the graphic from the pole, let the banner slide back into its own base, and retract any feet – simple!

Due to their ease of assembly, roller banners are incredibly popular. This simple mechanism also allows them to be transported quickly and safely; our roller banners come in their own carry case and are light, yet durable, making transport effortless.

Perhaps you need your advertising in different areas throughout the day? Maybe all your clients will be in Room A for a morning conference and Room B for an afternoon exhibition? Roller banners to the rescue! As they are so easy to move, you won’t need to affix cumbersome signs in every room – simply move your pull up banner as it’s needed!

2. Longevity

Why use roller banners instead of other marketing devices, such as a newspaper or radio ads? Well, roller banners have more of a permanence, and as such will reach more people over time.

Roller banners can also be reused time and time again, giving your one-time purchase some serious ROI. We offer a cost-effective entry level for infrequent use, however most of our banners are designed for re-use time and time again, and will last years! Take a look at our BudgetPremium and Exclusive roller banners for long-term, frequent re-use!

3. Packing an advertising punch

Roller banners are ideal for big marketing in small spaces; if you’ve got a spare corner or section of your room, why not fill it with an eye-catching, branded banner? They are also perfect for fitting into corners – which would otherwise be blank space.

Roller banners are elegant and stylish and will be sure to get the attention your brand deserves.

4. Create your own design

With our custom printed roller banners, you can create any design you like – the possibilities are endless! Create your own design or employ our team of inhouse graphic designers to take the task off your hands.

But the deign isn’t all! We specialise in roller banners, and as such offer a wide range of different options to meet your specific needs. For example, have you considered if you need single sided or double sided printing? Make sure you’re targeting your audience from every side! What about wide roller banners? Exhibition backdrops? Desktop roller banners? Special occasion roller banners – a different banner for every holiday? Or broad range has got you covered!

Benefits of using roller banners

5. Affordability

Finally, why use roller banners over other types of signage? Put simply, roller banners are some of the most affordable marketing solutions out there. Your one off purchase will provide you with eye-catching, branded
signage that you can use time and time again; simply disassemble and store for your next event. Your banner will pay for itself again and again!

So there are 5 benefits of using roller banners; we hope you found this useful. Head over to our wide range of roller banners to see how these nifty marketing devices can help fulfil your business needs!

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