What Is Branding?

What Is Branding?

What is branding? Put simply: branding is anything that promotes your particular brand or ethos. And, the better your branding, the more identifiable your company and your product. Creating a strong brand is key for customer trust, affability and ultimately, more sales. Your branding consists of many factors including your logo, catchphrase, company ethos, symbols, design elements or even musical refrain (for example, Go Compare).

The aim is for your branding to be instantly recognisable: think of the Disney castle, the Apple apple or Pepsi logo. Neither need further explanation or additional text, as they are ingrained as symbols of branding in the collective mind of the nation. We see the logo- we know the company.

What is branding and why is it important?

Why do businesses use branding?

Branding can change the way that your business is viewed, and as such is vital. But why is branding important to marketing? In a visual world, people aren’t likely to stop and read bulky text; what they want is a trusted, recognisable brand, to make their purchasing life easier. Better branding ultimately equates to more trust in a reputable product. More trust equates to more purchases, re-purchases and recommendations from your customer base.

What Is Branding: Tell your story

Try to communicate your business narrative through your branding. Attempt to answer the following:

  • Who you are as a business
  • What is your ethos
  • How you can help your customers

A good example would be the Nike logo. The name Nike conveys your business identity, the active and dynamic tick suggests an ethos of positivity and success and the motivational catchphrase ‘Just Do It’ encourages and motivates customers, suggesting that your brand will help keep them active.

Similarly, consider the Greenpeace logo. The green colour indicates an environmental aspect and the world in the hand communicates the company ethos very clearly, with no need for further explanation. This type of branding is clear, concise and easily understood by anyone viewing.

Build an emotional connection

Creating an emotional connection to your potential customers is key for sales. Trust will gain sales and repeat customers, but you can also use your branding to evoke other emotional responses.

Imagine the Amnesty International logo- the candle of peace surrounded by the barbed wire of suffering. This image resonates emotionally with the viewers, without need for elaboration or explanation. This visceral reaction encourages action.

Consider also the EDF branding of the small orange flame with big adorable eyes! Conversely, this evokes a feeling of happiness, as viewers enjoy his silly on-screen antics. This also evokes a sense of affability for the company, making people more likely to give the energy supplier a go.

Build trust

Strategic branding will always work wonders for customers and inter-industry trust, helping both B2B and B2C campaigns. A polished branding conveys professionalism, and a recognisable brand evokes respect and trust.

Good branding needs to be displayed to the customer, to be reinforced and to ultimately achieve that trust in the business and product. Use roller banners to display your logo, catchphrase and branded designs during exhibitions and events. The more your logo is seen in reputable situations, the better the trust will be. Roller banners are supplied in all shapes and sizes (take a look at our wide range) and can be erected anywhere in your event; make use of those otherwise empty corners, and
use these handy marketing devices to reinforce your brand.

Generate growth

Good branding can increase your business visibility, affability and value. It also leads to growth – as a clear brand offers a genuine and positive impression of your product with potential consumers. The more familiar and trusted your brand, the easier it is to obtain new and repeat customers!

Use signage, roller banners, flags, mesh banners (really any printed products) to get your branding out into the world and to start becoming a household name.

Once your brand is established, growth happens naturally from word of mouth, reviews and an inherently trusted product. Consider some of the brands you know and trust: perhaps Ariel for detergent, Netflix for entertainment or McDonalds for takeaway food. If these companies released a new product, wouldn’t you inherently trust this over a brand you’d never heard of? A trusted brand = more sales.

Why do businesses use branding?

For more information on how roller banners can help your branding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

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