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What Should We Expect When the Exhibition Industry Re-Opens?

7th Jul 2020

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in a damaging economic impact to the British economy, but perhaps none more so than the exhibition industry. After all, an exhibition with no delegates or visitors is somewhat redundant.

The UK Government has set out an initiative to get the wheels of the economy back in motion again, and as elements of other similar sectors – namely hospitality, begin to re-open, the likelihood is that the market for exhibitions will follow suit in due course.

But just what will the ‘new normal’ look like, and how will this likely impact the way that shows are run and managed?

Display Stand Production

A show is nothing without exhibition stands– after all, they’re the marketing collateral that businesses use to promote their brands. But the production of display stands, pop-up banners and other materials has and will continue to change.

Following the Government’s guidelines, suppliers will need to ensure that they’re protecting their staff and ensuring that all production and manufacturing is consistent with the medical advice given. This will involve staff keeping a safe distance from one another, as well as ensuring that the proper hygiene requirements are in place.

At the Event

Again, it is the organizer's responsibility to keep the delegates and visitors safe, so it should be expected that the ‘new normal’ certainly won’t be the same as the period prior to lockdown.

One should expect to see stringent one-way systems, hand sanitizer upon arrival and at regular intervals, as well as a lack of the usual break out and networking areas. It’s likely that face masks will be a requirement for everyone.

Furthermore, it’s likely that any display stands will need to be erected in good time – likely taking a little longer than before. As such, delegates should expect access to venues far in advance compared to previously, given the reduced number of people who are likely to be in the supply chain at any one time.

Lastly, we should expect to see far less visitors than before. Delegates and their exhibition stands will be spread out to a greater degree than before and as a result, it’s likely that less visitors will be allowed access to the show.

We’re all looking forward to the exhibition market re-opening. But one thing’s for sure – the new normal is going to take some getting used to. Could we even see exhibitions taking place outside, weather permitting? If so, you can check out our outdoor banner stands here.