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What to think about when designing a roller banner

5th Dec 2016

The roller banner is an excellent means of advertising, for several reasons – but only if you make sure that the design is executed professionally. The roller banner can catch attention, but only if you get the colour scheme right. The roller banner can draw a person in, but only with a catch phrase that works. It can inform, but only if the information does not pose a visual challenge. And it can make your product look incredibly attractive, but only with professional graphics. The concept of the roller banner needs to be thought through carefully. Here are the most important tips to remember when designing your roller banner.


You are the logo

The logo may only be a simple design or simple drawing, but it represents your company, and it represents you. Make sure it is clearly visible - and be proud of your logo; have a logo that you feel is worthy of representing the best in you. Keep your logo clean and straightforward – and most of all: memorable. Put it on the top of your banner for the world to see first.

The text configuration

In Japan it’s common to read from the top to the bottom, in Arab countries from right to left – but the Western world starts at the top left and finishes at the bottom right. Hence, place the most important message left and up, the details down and right.

Go for quality

This is not only true for roller banners in terms of materials, but also in terms of print and certainly in terms of graphics. Nothing is worse than a banner with a great message but with unclear print or low-resolution graphics. Your roll up banner needs to project a professional image.

Make it legal

It’s easy to simply roam the Internet for a picture of a hamburger or a picture of the family happily enjoying their credit card – but if you’re going to use that photo, make sure no other company uses it, and make sure you have the copyright to it or use it with permission. Make it legal.

There are two more tips that should be mentioned: there must be a call to action, and there must be sufficient contact information. The call to action is important because the potential customer must know what is desired and should be able to act on his or her interests. Phrases like: “Come and get a free sample” or “Call us now!” are effective. Of course, there must also be contact information – how else can the customer or client receive the free sample or call you? Address the audience in a professional way, and your roller banner is sure to do the rest.