Where to Place Your Roller Banner

Even if you have the best-looking and most well-made roller banner on the planet, it still won’t be as effective if it is placed in a poor location. The location definitely makes a big difference for your roller banner, so you need to maximise where it will be placed and choose the area wisely. But what should you consider when planning where to place your roller banner? Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the best location for your roller or pop up banner.


Question: where to place your roller banner? Answer: Where the customers are!

If you are planning to place your roller banner in your shop or business premises, bear this in mind: it is crucial to place it where your customers will go. Your customers need to see your roller banner, and this is where a bit of research and know-how can come in handy. For instance, did you know that when individuals enter a shop or business space, they first look at or turn to their right? It’s important to remember this tiny but relevant detail if you want your roller banner to get noticed.


where to place your roller bannerAnother thing: if you are planning to use your roller banner for a specific purpose, such as a sale or promotion, then it would be a good idea to place it where you would like your customers to go. If you are having a sale on belts, then place your roller banner next to or near those belts on sale.


You could also go a step further by constantly observing your customers and trying to see a pattern in their behaviour. Where do they tend to gravitate towards? What do their eyes notice? Even if you already have a more obvious location in mind, it pays to pay attention to your customers and see your shop or establishment through their eyes.


Don’t neglect the obvious locations

Of course, even though a bit of psychology on your customers’ behaviour can have a big effect on your banner’s effectiveness; you still shouldn’t neglect the more obvious locations. One of the most popular locations for any banner is the entrance. Placing your roller banners near the entrance is a good way of promoting something – be it a newly-renovated shop, a new product, a sale or offer, and more.

Another effective location for a roller banner is at a trade show, conference, or exhibition. But when using your roller or roll up banner at one of these events, note that the more people see it, the better. The entrance to a trade show or exhibition is always a good location, but you also have the option to place your roller banner behind your stand or stall (as a background or backdrop) or even at the entrance to a food hall or toilets.

Placing your roller banners in your shop

 Of course, most roller banners made nowadays are made for use in retail business establishments. They come in especially handy if you would like to promote something new, a new service or product, perhaps, or if you have a special sale or bargain. But if you are planning to install your roller banner in your shop, where should it be placed?

 The entrance of your shop is an obvious area for the placement of your roller banner. But research has shown that most of your customers will actually look – or turn to – the right once they enter your establishment. So, if you want your banner to have optimum impact, place it near the entrance on the right side. Also, if you have a special sale or would like to promote a specific product, then you should place your roller banner right where this product or sale is situated. This makes complete sense, but you’d be surprised at how often some business owners neglect to take advantage of this.

 At an exhibition or trade show

 Here at Roller Banners UK, we know all about trade shows – after all, we’ve created hundreds upon hundreds of special roller banners for trade shows and exhibitions. If you have a booth or stall, you can choose to have your roller banner as a backdrop to lure visitors to your booth or stall and have an attractive, impressive booth as well.

 At the end of the day, wherever you decide to use it, your roller banner will surely draw attention to your business. And the best aspect is that you can use it and re-use it, transport it with ease, and take full advantage of it for many years to come.

So there you go – a quick guide on where to place your roller banner! Should you need any assistance with roller banner specs or design, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

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