Why exhibit at a trade show? Well, as lock down measures begin to end and businesses start to reopen again, it seems as if the exhibition industry will be getting back on its feet and welcoming the many new startups that arise after the coronavirus. If you’ve never attended an exhibition or trade show before, you may not fully understand the benefits of doing so – but there are a great number of benefits to attending, and are a great opportunity to establish or expand your business.

Why exhibit at a trade show? 5 top reasons…

why exhibit at a trade show?


1. Networking and connecting

Trade shows provide an excellent space to network with other businesses and professionals within your market, as well as connecting with your audience base on a personal level. It may be difficult to connect with either whilst sending emails or leaving voicemails, but a face to face meeting during one of these exhibitions can have a very different feel, and may be the difference maker between a new network connection through business, or a stubborn customer who may be won over at a trade show.

2. Learn about changes in your industry

If you’re still a small operation, your focus may be on growth, but in many businesses change can happen extremely quickly. Attending a trade show in which similar businesses may be represented, you’re given the opportunity to explore changes that may be happening within your operating market, whilst also seeing how direct competitors or businesses you strive to be handle many of these changes and implement processes to deal with them. This may be especially true following the coronavirus for new businesses entering the market, providing a learning opportunity for growth.

3. Establish, or strengthen your brand

There’s a lot of foot traffic and a lot of eyes, having your colours and logo on a big pop up banner outside of your exhibition stand will certainly take some notice – if you’re just starting out or still trying to grow, trade shows are a great way of getting your name out there. If you’re able to engage those passing by who may be interested in your display material, you’re presented with a unique opportunity to directly interact with someone who may not know who you are.

4. Creating and closing new sales

It has already been suggested that sales at a trade show are much easier to come by – whilst it may take on average 4.5 conversations for a regular customer to purchase something from you, this has been shown to drop to just 3.5 during a trade show – make the most out of this networking and face to face time to close new business in an opportunity you may not have already had – if you’re there to strengthen your brand, nothing quite helps market yourself than a new customer carrying your bag around for hundreds to see whilst speaking virtues of what you do.

5. Speak directly to your market

In the world of business, it’s important to understand what you’re doing both well and not so well, whilst also seeing what your competitors are doing too. Whilst you’re able to send out surveys and questionnaires, it may be difficult to gauge just how well you’re doing – by attending a trade show event you’re able to get a more direct opinion from those within your market.

So there you have it! 5 reasons answering: why exhibit at a trade show? We also have plenty of tips on how to design your exhibition stand for engagement, so be sure to check those out if you need help designing your stand too – standing out is also an important part of trade shows as you’ll want visitors to remember your name long after they leave the venue!

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