Why Invest In A Premium Roller Banner?

Why invest in a premium roller banner? At first glance, you might be tempted to purchase the most budget friendly model; we totally get it! Right now budgets are strained and profits have taken a hit – so the budget friendly roller banner seems like the obvious choice. However, you might be surprised to learn about the benefits of the premium model over the cheaper option. So why invest in a premium roller banner? We’re here to tell you…

Why invest in a premium roller banner? 4 reasons…

why invest in a premium roller banner

1. Premium roller banners are more eco-friendly

Now we know you might be thinking – hmm a PVC printed banner being eco friendly? Sounds unlikely! But bear with us… Our budget model is ideal for single or occasional use, as it won’t survive being used time and time again. As such, customers that buy the Budget models tend to get through many different roller banners over the course of their business, contributing substantially to landfill.

By contrast, the premium banner stand is designed to last. By investing in one more expensive – but higher longevity – product you will significantly reduce your waste. Re-use your premium roller banner over and over again. Store and look after your roller banner correctly, and it should last you years! 

2. Premium banner stands will work out cheaper over time

Ok, so we know the initial cost will be higher, but the ultimate ROI will be substantially better with the higher quality Premium and Exclusive models. Instead of needing to outlay money every time you need a roller banner, these models (if looked after correctly – read all about roller banner care) will endure: one single spend, for years of advertising power. 

By investing more in your advertising now, you will ultimately save yourself money in the future. And don’t forget – you can order replacement graphic panels but keep the stand. If you need to change your advertising tactics or include a new promotion, replacement graphics are the way to go, without breaking the bank or needing to purchase a whole new roller banner. 

3. Premium roller banners offer sturdier displays

You get what you pay for! It’s a common saying, but it’s incredibly true. Our budget models include bases with swing-out feet. By contrast, our premium models offer a sturdy, single base. No feet, no aesthetically unappealing swing out stands, and a sleek, integrated base. 

Not only does this look fantastic, it also helps to keep your graphic panel safe and sound as it is stored in the integrated base. Finally, it offers some extra sturdiness – allowing the graphic to reside on a sturdy one-piece base, instead of 2 feet.

Follow this handy guide to ensure you get the correct roller banner for your needs:

  • Looking for long term use, long term ROI; the eco-conscious option with a sturdy base? Go for the Premium Roller Banner
  • Looking for extra durability, long term use and ROI, with a study one-piece base and added lamination? Go for the Exclusive Roller Banner 
  • Looking for a cheap model, for one-off, with swing out feet? Go for the Economy Roller Banner
  • Looking for a cost-effective model for occasional use, with swing out feet? Go for the Budget Roller Banner

To conclude, can we succinctly answer the question: ‘why invest in a premium roller banner’? We think so!

They’re durable, long-lasting and eye-catching. They are also the more eco-conscious option, and can have interchangeable graphic panels depending on what exhibit, event or product you are currently promoting. Premium roller banners offer a sturdier base with a longer lifespan, whilst providing stunning advertising PVC graphics in full colour, UV resistant inks. Invest in a premium roller banner today!

To make your premium roller banners last, check out How To Protect Roller Banners From Damage.


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