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Why roller banners still work in this modern age

Posted by Joanne Serellis on 12th May 2014

In this digital age, you could be forgiven for thinking that traditional-style advertising has had its day, and that roller banners no longer serve a purpose. But you’d be wrong. Roller banners offer a highly visual display that catches the eye and positively promotes a business or event.

What is a roller banner?

A roller banner is designed to be a freestanding promotional display. The banner is fixed to a base and to a flexible top pole, which is easy to extend and retract, and also re-position, which makes them the perfect advertising choice for businesses that have little room, or routinely erect temporary structures, such as pop-up shops. They often come with their own carry case or bag to make it easier to transport and store them.

Roller banners usually feature high-resolution quality designs to attract attention, and they come in a wide range of sizes and colours. They can be printed in gloss or matte finishes and some can even feature lighting systems to really make the banner stand out - these are especially effective in areas of subdued lighting.

What makes them so good?

Roller banners, because they are retractable and portable, can be easily stored when not in use and transported to wherever the business or event needs advertising. They only take one person to put into place, and are available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit all budgets.

They offer great advertising value as they can be printed on just one side or both, doubling the visibility of whatever it is you are offering. They are of a large enough size to be noticeable from quite a distance, and can contain most, if not all, of the information a customer needs to know to make a decision about taking up whatever is on offer.

What can be printed on them?

Pretty much any kind of design can be printed onto a roller banner. Many printing companies offer templates for you to craft a design, or you can use conventional computer software to design in-house. You can also hire a graphic designer. Although a roller banner is intended to be a truly eye-catching advertising tool and works great with images and colours, this is not a strict requirement. Sometimes wording alone can have an amazing impact.

What are they made of?

Roller banners can be made of several different materials, and the type you choose should depend on where you are going to be positioning them. For instance, if the roller banner is going to be outdoors then it is a good idea to have a robust and waterproof material such as PVC, vinyl or rubber. Roller banners intended for indoor use will not need to withstand wind and rain so can be made of cloth. Of course, if you are going to use the roller banner quite often, it may be worth spending a bit more to ensure that it is able to survive repeated and frequent use.

Written by Joanne Serellis