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We remain open during the November lockdown, however many of our staff are working from home during this time. We take a look at our top staff suggestions to make working from home as easy and effective as possible.

Take a look at our Three P List (Professional, Productive and Pleasant) for a top-quality remote working environment!


Keeping your workspace professional is key to remaining productive and motivated. Try to allocate a specific area to work in and don’t waver from it – this will give your brain a chance to adjust to the idea of working in your living space!

It helps to keep your workspace clear and uncluttered; try and keep a notepad of your working ideas and thoughts by your side, to avoid endless scraps of paper!

For video calls with clients, customers and colleagues, try to use company branded marketing materials to really keep a sense of professionalism. For example, a business could provide logoed desktop displays for their home workers, to display prominently in meetings.

Alternatively, a branded roller banner acts as a fantastic backdrop to zoom calls with customers and clients, promoting brand awareness and adding a sense of professionalism! You can even use a roller banner as a green screen should you wish – get in touch for more details! (You can read more about roller banners as branded backdrops here).

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Whatever you find makes you productive you can now do! Is it eating healthy snacks constantly? Do it! Perhaps you find you work best when blasting out music? What’s stopping you? Whether it’s total silence, or a healthy amount of background noise, you can control your own working environment to ensure maximum productivity.

One top tip for everyone, however, would be to begin work on the dot at your start time, as you would do if you were in the office. This will keep your mind in its normal routine and make it easier to adjust to working from home.

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Last but certainly not least, keeping your working environment pleasant will help keep you productive and motivated.

Keeping your work area clean and tidy will always help you settle into the working day, but as you’re at home, you can really make your work space as pleasant as you like! Whether that involves bunches of flowers, artwork, cushions, blankets… whatever it is that makes you feel happy, include
it in your working area.

We all work better when we’re feeling happy – so make your working space as conducive to positive vibes as possible!

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Remember – Roller Banners UK remain open during the lockdown, so please get in touch should you have any questions, queries or comments!

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