X and L Banners

As well as our classic roller banners, we also offer a variety of other banners to assist with your marketing and brand awareness. Two of our most popular options are the X and L Banners – ideal for promoting messages indoors and outdoors!

What are X banners?

X banner

X Banners are so named because the support at the back is shaped like an X in that it crosses itself to form a sturdy skeleton for the display. The printed display panel hooks onto the X stand through 4 corner eyelets.

Can I use X banners outdoors?

X banners come in indoor and outdoor varieties– the indoor is lightweight and cost-effective, whereas the outdoor is sturdier, weatherproof and more heavyweight to endure the wind and rain.

How can X banners help my business be Covid-secure?

X banners can be used indoors or outdoors to assist with making your business or event Covid secure. Both indoor and outdoor types can be custom printed in vibrant full colour, depicting government guidelines to keep your visitors safe.

You could use X banners to inform customers of currently safety measures in your store or business – one outdoors reminding customers to don their masks, and one indoors prompting visitors to keep their distance or sanitise their hands.

What are L Banners?

L banner

Similarly, L Banners can also be used to help inform patrons and customers about your current in-store safety measures. L Banners are also named because of the shape of their stand- think of a characteristic banner with a long support up the back and a shorter floor support attached at a right angle, forming the classic L shape.

How will my X and L Banners arrive?

Both our X and L Banners come in a padded carry case and are simple to set up, with the option of replacement panels should you wish to change your artwork.

What about artwork?

Create your own artwork for your X and L Banners, or take advantage of our in-house design team who can create your banner design for you! Whatever you’d prefer, we’ve got you covered! You can also choose from some pre-made Covid-secure designs to save time – contact us to find out more!

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