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Your Roller Banner Logistics - The How To’s

24th Jun 2020

Preparing for a trade show or exhibition event comes with a large number of challenges, especially if you’re new to doing so - there’s a lot of design, plenty of planning and the logistical side of doing so - one main feature within your display will be found with different types of banners, but with so many available to choose from what are the best choices and what are the logistics associated with each? From assembly and disassembly, to usage and replacing graphics - here’s your quick run down for everything banners.

Assembling and dismantling your banner - A lot of questions are asked around this, and it’s understandable - with so many different types of banner out there, there may be different methods for each, fortunately they’re all pretty straightforward with very similar assembly requirements. Options such as our economy roller banner could be seen as a basic industry standard, it arrives in it’s own little bag with the base for the stand and two feet that attach the to bottom, simply extend the banner with the support bar at the back - for disassembly, simply do the same in reverse. There are other freestanding options too such as a slightly more premier exclusive roller banner which operates in very much the same way but without any requirement for feet - simply remove it from its case, and extend the banner, once you’re finished it will collapse back neatly.

Replaceable displays - It’s often asked how to go about replacing the artwork of your banner too, similarly to assembly and disassembly, it will all be down to which type of banner you go for. The more budget friendly options may be a little restrictive here, often designed for single use rather than frequent long term use, the artwork may be replaceable but the cost of doing so may not be worth it. There are other options available however, such as the EazyChange roller banner designed with exactly this is mind - the base has a removable cassette which contains the artwork, which simply pops out and back in for whatever your artwork requirement - print however many different styles are required, and chop and change whenever you need to display differently - an affordable and low cost solution if you’re not looking to carry round a library of different stands at all times.

Adjustable sizes - Whilst there are a wide range of size options available to suit any need, finding adjustable sizes to some degree may be a little out of the realm of possibilities - there are some solutions such as the midi roller banner which lets you set different heights depending on your display too - if you’re looking to bring a unique and dynamic approach to your display, an option like this may provide visitors with a different experience each time. For banners with more width, they’re also available but not in the same style - they’re typically available in a standalone normal format.

If you’re experiencing a little creative block there are services to help you settle on a strong design with a big impact, similarly our experts can help you decide which type of banner may be best fit for purpose depending on your requirements - get in touch with us today to start preparing your new display aides - it’s expected that now the greenlight has been given for businesses to operate once again, the exhibition and trade industry will see a surge of events once again, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for your next public appearance and get a jump on those looking to advertise and attend these shows alongside you.