• The world may be at its pinnacle in digital communication and yet businesses are missing out on one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods of communicating with their customers if they ignore print marketing.
  • This long-established form of advertising has the power to reach people in a way no other medium can and has a lasting impact on their purchasing decisions.
  • The Advertising Association and ad intelligence agency WARC report a rise in overall ad spend for the UK in the first quarter of 2018. “Whilst online ad formats continue to over perform, traditional media are also proving their worth to advertisers.”
  • Print media is versatile in both the variety of forms available and in its ability to reach a wider target market. If you wish to explore the world of print, the options available to you and design expertise in this field, Roller Banners UK can guide you through.

Read everything you need to know about roller banners below…

(Almost) everything you need to know about roller banners 



Based in Southampton, Hampshire, Roller Banners UK are a highly skilled team dedicated to producing fast and affordable roller banners and display stands for nationwide delivery. All work is designed and finished on site, printed on the latest state of the art machinery and sent out post haste. With over 18,000 customers in the bag and a 4.8 Google star rating when it comes to all things ‘roller banner’ they deliver.


roller banner is a self-standing, retractable display stand with a printed material graphic panel on a roller inserted into an aluminium spring-loaded base. After use, they can be rolled away into the stand for protection until the next time, making them easy to transport and store.

These rolled advertising pennants are known by several different labels including pull up banners, retractable banners, banner stands, roll up banners and pop up stands, but they all fulfil the same function; to display portable and changeable messages to a chosen public in a convenient and effective way.


Roller banners are suitable for use in a variety of settings including exhibitions and trade shows, shopping centres, reception areas, presentations, product launches, museum and charity events. They deliver a strong visual message easily perceived from a distance and are most effective when used to attract attention, create awareness, advertise products and services or as backdrops for exhibition booths & stands.


The printed banner graphic is attached onto a roller within a metal base and is designed to pull up out of this casing for display and then to roll back into it after use. It takes less than 30 seconds to pull the graphic to full height and to attach it to the stabilising pole.


There is a vast array of different roller banner models on offer, to satisfy all requirements, quality and price expectations. The main difference between each choice of stand is the size and quality of base featured, as the graphic panel is printed in high resolution and on good quality banner material across the board.

For a brief summary of each roller banner in the range and their features have a look at the helpful Pull Up Banner Comparison.

banner price compare


There are three ways to create your roller banners.


You need to come up with your own design and effectively communicate this with the printing team.

Can I mock up my banner design in PowerPoint?

Yes. It might not be ‘print ready’ or high resolution, but it will give your designer a clear brief. If you have an idea of what you would like to include on the banner in the form or imaging and text, then it makes sense to share your thoughts with a member of the team who can then recreate your design to print ready standards. This will in turn save you time and money as you will be asking your designer to artwork your design, rather than designing from scratch.

Microsoft PowerPoint is by no means a professional designer’s choice, but it allows us all to be creative and in turn prepare better design briefs for designers. The better the brief, the greater the end product. As well as a brief, it is also important to share your brand guidelines if you have some. Alternatively, you could share some other branding collateral as examples of brand application.

Can I use Adobe Illustrator?

If you fancy being creative with your own roller banner artwork you needn’t worry about it looking professional thanks to the wide choice of design and graphics programmes available, even the least creative among us can achieve quite stunning results. Adobe Illustrator (AI) is a popular choice as it is user friendly and compatible with any system.

Dubbed “any designer’s best friend” this drawing programme is based on vectors and uses maths equations to draw shapes which means the graphics can be scaled to any proportion without losing resolution. This is essential when producing high quality print material.

(Step by step guide to using AI in blog How do create my own roller banner?)


For simple designs and one-off projects, you can reduce costs and still get a first-class print result. Free downloadable templates are available onsite in Illustrator, Photoshop or PDF and should work with all popular business software. They come with a complete ‘how-to-use guide’ for creating your own professional designs.


An essential part of creating an effective pull up banner is in the design. The Roller Banners in-house design team can help create your perfect banner design by working closely with you and understanding your requirements and specifications. In addition, they can ensure any images used are suitable for larger banner sized printing. The team are UK based and work from offices on the same site as the printing, so you can keep close tabs on the progress of your design and make contact at any time.

The Banner Design Service is a very cost effective and straight forward design option and involves supplying a basic brief, any images you would like to use and your brand logo to the designers who will then put together a design proof for approval or amendment. Images are also available to use if required. Just select the Banner Design option in the artwork section online when ordering the chosen product. Once the order is placed all necessary information can be emailed or uploaded ready for the designers to start work on the roller banner design.


info graphic1

Top Tips Summary

  1. Use a template
  2. Logo at the top
  3. Key message at eye level
  4. Layout text right to left
  5. Only use two fonts
  6. Consider image placement
  7. White space is important
  8. Check contact details
  9. Use social media icons
  10. Leave space at the bottom


The success of digital advertising is undisputable in our modern world but there is still a place for the old established methods of printed displays.

While online ads certainly do not require the use of physical resources, roller banner messages are tangible, hard copy displays that can be positioned anywhere to capture the attention of relevant passers-by. These can be read and re-read at any time, even when there is no internet connection.

Roller banners come under the umbrella of traditional marketing methods and have proven successful in reaching target customers with important promotional information. They are tried and tested, and everyone is familiar with how to utilise and interpret them. Digital marketing methods, on the other hand, might not sit well with older customers who have little idea how to navigate the internet.

Many studies comparing the effectiveness of printed and digital advertising, have thrown up some interesting data showing that customers are more likely to remember what they read in print than what they see on screen. This is due to the transient nature of online messages and the mindset of viewers. When online, we tend to have a specific focus and may overlook or ignore information that flashes up on screen. However, an advertisement in print draws our immediate attention and demands a conscious decision to read and digest the information, enabling the reader to decide on its usefulness.

“Where digital media is more beneficial for quickly browsing and searching, print offers more of an experience for consuming content.” – Ashley House Printing Co

Printed information gives customers the chance to disconnect from technology and enjoy the haptic communication associated with holding a leaflet, brochure or newspaper. Moreover, recipients of printed ads are more likely to attribute a greater sense of trust with this tangible source of information as it is more ‘real’ to them and allows them to connect emotionally with it because it has a value. According to a study conducted by Bangor University in 2009, “Physical material involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations.”

Roger Dooley, creator and publisher of Neuromarketing offers some balanced advice when forming the marketing strategy for a brand:

“Marketers should take advantage of the unique properties of both paper and digital. In particular print advertising can maximise sensory appeal. Print offers the ability to deliver rich, vivid images along with tactile stimuli … and may be more effective for communicating detailed information.”

The advantages of roller banners

Roll up banners have many assets notwithstanding their amazing value for money. But what makes them extra special is the fact that they can be set up in just a few minutes and are easily stored and transported from one location to another; even outdoors. Roller banners come with their own stands, recyclable printed graphic and padded carry case. in a multitude of different sizes, ranging from desktop A3 or A4 size, to regular 800mm to 850mm and even wider, up to 2 metres if required. There’s also an option on quality determined by its purpose and duration of use. For a one-off event or just to use a couple of times the economy roll up banners are a must, whereas the premium retractable banners can be used again and again.

Quick and easy assembly

Pop up stands work through a retractable system whereby the banner is pulled out of its casing and hooked into the top of a telescopic pole. Watch the video on how to put up a roller banner and see how easy it really is!

They’re tough & durable 

Roller banners are generally printed on strong vinyl that can withstand various kinds of environments; it’s designed to last. The structural support for the banner is very strong (usually made of aluminium) and can take some heavy use. This makes the roller banner extremely tough and durable.

Easy storage

Once they’re rolled up, they require very little space to store. Simply put it in the boot of your car or in a corner of your office, and you won’t event notice it’s there unless you’re looking for it! The banner folds away, the base retracts, and the pole collapses – also in only a matter of seconds.

Convenient to transport

If the plan is to use the roller banners at multiple locations, they will need to be transported – again no problem as all parts pack up neatly into the carry case and take up very little space, a great asset when your boot is full of exhibition gear!


It doesn’t matter what the occasion is – a trade show, a business conference, pull up banners are effective in promoting your brand in all circumstances. The graphic panel can be replaced at any time to ensure information is always relevant and up to date.

As a last-minute ad solution

If you find yourself in a bit of a marketing crisis roller banners can be made up and on your doorstep within 24hours if you’re able to make the advertised deadlines.

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