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Why choose Roller Banners UK?

In this digital age, you could be forgiven for thinking that traditional-style advertising has had its day, and that roller banners no longer serve a purpose. But you’d be wrong. Roller Banners UK continue to offer inspiring, highly visual displays creating awareness and prompting further customer interest.

The great thing about printed marketing tools, such as roller banner stands, is that they can be used in conjunction with online marketing and social media. Their very visible presence attracts the attention of potential customers, who will then seek out further information via the internet.

The truth is that online marketing campaigns can be easier, quicker, and sometimes more cost effective than printed advertising, but it is also true that because of spam filters and other legal considerations, online marketing can only reach people who are already customers. Printed advertising tools can reach people who may not be looking on the internet for businesses.

And there’s something else to be aware of: “The vast majority of digital advertising is not being viewed at all, with many marketers still failing to apply effectiveness techniques learned from print and out-of-home channels,” according to a new study by research firm Lumen.

Since January 2016, Lumen has used laptop-mounted eye tracking cameras on 300 consumers’ laptops to collect visual data on what they notice when they are online.

It found that only 35% of digital display ads received any views at all. And, of those, only 9% of ads received more than a second’s worth of attention. Only 4% of ads, meanwhile, received more than 2 seconds of engagement. But notably, printed ads are typically seen by 75% of readers for an average of 2.2 seconds.

What makes them so good?

Roller banners are retractable and portable and can be easily stored when not in use and transported to wherever the business or event needs advertising. It only takes one person to set them up and they come in a range of sizes and finishes to suit all budgets. Value is added when printing on both sides, doubling the visibility of whatever it is you are offering, and they are of large enough size to be noticeable from quite a distance, containing most, if not all, the information a customer needs to make a purchase decision.

Today’s banners are sturdy and durable, serving their purpose time after time because they’re printed on high quality materials, such as vinyl or for a softer look, polyester fabric. Grey backing is used to prevent light shining through from behind rendering the banner illegible. This material also creates a smooth surface on which to reproduce high resolution images and graphics. Nowadays, the processes used in printing are far superior with a gradual change from lithographic to digital presses capable of reproducing colours to meet ISO standards; more vibrant, authentic and less likely to fade over time.

Most retractable banners now have pull out feet attached to a metal stand to improve stability and come with a detachable pole to make the frame rigid. You’ll be surprised how sturdy these things are, but if you’re planning to put one up outside in a force 8 …?

What’s the job? 

The Roller Banner UK product portfolio is varied and numerous to suit the specific requirements of each customer. When choosing the right stand for you, the location is one important factor to consider.

Exhibition or Trade Fair?

You need to maximise on the space you have and fill it with large displays, wide banner stands and connecting roller banners. If you’re buying from scratch the best value is the Premium Pop-up Exhibition Stand the top of the range starter kit which includes all you need to set up straight from the box! If you just need to replace certain components individual pop up counters, roller banner stands and displays for outdoors are also available.


Wedding Fair, Craft Festival or Fete?

If this is an outdoor event there are several sturdy roller banner and display stand options to withstand the British weather. The Outdoor Roller Banner is durable, strong and stable offering single or double sided graphic displays and pegged feet enabling it to stand up to 24mph/28kmh winds. Or choose the less expensive X Banner stand with a water fillable base or the outdoor banner frame which can be freestanding or attached to a fence or wall.

Pub, Hotel or Leisure Centre?

For spaces where people are busy going about their business, the Double-sided Roller Banner provides greater exposure to every passer-by. It means that each potential customer has double the chance of seeing your message and they are likely to see it more than once.

Storefronts that are in shopping centres can utilise them for drawing traffic in from shopping centre thoroughfares. Options include budget or premium versions depending on the quality of stand you need.

How much can you spend?

As with any marketing campaign exactly what you can realistically achieve is determined by what’s in the kitty. This is where roller banner advertising really comes into its own as there is a choice of display stand for every budget.

Economy roller banners

The Economy Roller Banner is the cheapest stand we offer. Designed for short term use. The panel is printed to the same high quality as others in the range but is inserted into a light weight roller mechanism. Ideal for a one-day event or a limited budget.

Budget roller banners

This banner stand is low cost but good quality and is tough enough to be used more than once. The heavy and stable base of the Budget Roller Banner means it’s unlikely to tip or lean forward and is conveniently packed away in its own carry bag.

Premium Roller banners

The premium banner is one of our quality stands. The graphic screen retracts into a single heavy weight base without turn out feet and is a stable attractive stand. Use this stand for press days, photo opportunities, exhibition displays and for any occasion where presentation and brand image are important.

Exclusive Roller Banner

Using a similar, yet heavier weight stand as our premium version, the exclusive stand is the highest quality roller banner we offer. A really good quality display stand, very similar to the popular barracuda stand. Use our exclusive banner for the most prestigious events and exhibitions, presentation backdrops or TV opportunities.

How much space do you have?

You may imagine all roller banners are big, imposing and beautiful but this is not true. For spatially challenged locations we can offer smaller, yet by no means less beautiful, Midi and Desk Top ranges.

The Midi Roller Banner is a versatile little stand that can be used at a range of heights, which means they can either be used as a desktop display set (400mm or 800mm), or extended further to create a floor display, (1,200mm or 1,600mm). Whether you are attending a trade show, table top sale, pop up store or need welcome signage, the Midi stand will give your brand a professional theme.

All table displays deliver big impact in a small package and come in A3 or A4 sizes. They are Ideal for use as counter top displays, reception areas or in product displays these stands offer versatility at a low cost.

How much time do you have?

Business is all about opportunity and those last-minute jobs can really catch you out. Choose the 24-hour Express Service when you need your materials the most. This means that you can put together a spectacular presentation or advertising campaign in very little time that will still look professional whilst maintaining your brand image.



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