Directional Roller Banners – Premium

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Directional Roller Banners – Premium

Premium Roller Banners are high quality, professionally printed, roller banners from Roller Banners UK.

Premium Directional Roller Banners: the perfect solution for guiding attendees around your school or university site. Featuring a high-quality printed pull up banner and a retractable mechanism and sturdy base, they offer effortless setup and convenient portability, ensuring a visually stunning and functional directional display throughout your event venue.

Perfect for Open Days, Parents Events, school concerts, Freshers Fairs and more, help guests navigate your venue with ease.

Premium directional roller banners offer durability and longevity, making them a wise investment for repeated use. With proper storage, these banners will maintain their top-quality appearance, offering an exceptional return on investment for future events.

Premium Directional Roller Banner Printing Options

Unlock the full potential of your directional roller banners at any event or venue. Thanks to their user-friendly design, these pull-up banners can be easily set up within seconds, providing clear and effective guidance to attendees.

Our custom printed premium directional roller banners stand at 2150mm, and are available in a range of widths including 600mm, 850mm, and 1000mm. Each banner is professionally printed in full colour using UV-resistant inks. You have the freedom to create your own artwork, utilize our base design (shown) and just add your logo and details, or take advantage of our complimentary design services for orders exceeding £100.

To ensure easy transportation and long-lasting quality, each Premium Directional Roller Banner includes a complimentary padded carry case. This allows for hassle-free disassembly, secure storage, convenient transportation and effortless reassembly in different locations. Count on our premium directional roller banners to deliver outstanding performance and lasting impact at every event.

  • High resolution Printed Graphic Panel
  • Long lasting, Uv-resistant inks
  • 290 micron (420gsm) Supersmooth Lightstop material roll up banner
  • Aluminium roll up banner stand base – sturdy and solid
  • Free carry case with padding for smooth transportation
  • 6 month warranty
  • Free Delivery

Top tip! Looking for a cheap roller banner that’s still made with quality materials? Take a look at our budget option, designed for one-off or occasional use. Why not complement your standing banners with a hanging banner?

Need your Premium Roll Banners in a hurry? Simply select Express 48 Hour or Express 24 Hour to speed up the delivery.

Premium Pull Up Banners Templates

PDF Template Download   Download Templates Here Not sure which stand to order? Read our Roller Banner Buyers Guide.

Please contact our friendly team here if you need any assistance with your premium roller banners.

Weight10 kg

Our Premium Roller Banner is a high quality, stable banner stand. An attractive base without turnout feet.


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