Pull Up Banners

Showcase your message with ease. Our pull-up banners offer high-impact visuals, lightweight frames, and simple setup.

Our range of regular pull up banners come in two sizes, 800mm or 850mm wide and are available for next day delivery with FREE Delivery. For the full low down on each banner stand read our Roller Banner Buyers Guide to help you make the right choice.

Each pull up banner kit includes:

  • Full colour printed graphic panel
  • Padded Carry case
  • Stable banner stand mechanism
  • Express 24 hour turnaround available
  • Every stand comes with a quality guarantee

Economy Pull Up Banner

Our entry level pull-up banner stand. Low cost, high quality and comes with a full colour printed graphic, carry bag, silver base with twin feet and free delivery.

Budget Pull Up Banner

Our most popular Pull up banner stand. More robust and stable than the SuperSaver and Economy models, it also comes in its own padded carry case. We recommend the Budget stand for exhibitions, conferences, presentations and reception displays.

Premium Pull Up Banner

One of our higher quality pull up banner stands suitable for long term and regular use. This sleek looking, sturdy display stand includes a heavy weight textured panel with properties to create sharp and vibrant graphics whilst blocking reflected light.

A contemporary one-piece model without feet, this is the tallest of our roller banners extending to a maximum display height of 2,150mm. The Premium pull up banner will provide years of reliable service provided it is stored in its own carry bag after each use.

Exclusive Pull Up Banner

As its name suggests this is our top of the range and most attractive pull up banner offering. As with the Premium it is stable as one component so no need for feet, comes with its own protective bag and extends to a height of 2,150mm. The quality graphic panel is printed on a durable lightstop material with a protective crystal laminate. A stand that is likely to last into future generations of your business!

Midi Pull Up Banner

A versatile and useful little pull up banner that can be used at a range of different heights. It’s narrower than the others at 400mm wide and has four height options – 400mm and 800mm for use as a table top stand or for a more compact floor display extending to 1,200mm or 1,600mm.

Artwork, Templates and Proofs

We can print any roller banner using your own artwork or design specifications. To achieve the highest quality print and best overall result read our Artwork Guide and Supplying Artwork FAQ.

Roller Banner Templates are available for download to create your own professional design.

If you are supplying your own print ready artwork, we will not automatically send you a proof but will match the design you have submitted. However, if you select the Banner Design Service a proof will be sent to you before going to print.

Roller Banner Design Service

Our team of designers are on hand working closely with you to create a bespoke, professional-looking graphic for your roller banner. This is a low cost, extremely effective service that has proven very popular with customers.  Find out more on our Banner Design page.

Why choose Roller Banners UK?

We are all about the banner! Whether that’s roller, pull up, roll up, retractable – whatever you choose to call them – they are our focus and what we specialise in. Every stand is printed in house on our own state of the art machines allowing us full control of quality and production which translates into low prices and superfast delivery.

A fast, efficient, affordable, high quality service, the Roller Banners Team are proud to delivery consistently first-class banners on time to the satisfaction of our customers.

Pull-up banners, also known as roll-up banners or pop-up banners, are commonly used for advertising and information display at events, conferences, and within retail environments. The dimensions of pull-up banners can vary depending on the specific needs and the space available for display. However, there are some standard sizes that are commonly used. These include:

  • Standard Size: The most typical size for pull-up banners is 85cm (width) x 200cm (height) or approximately 33.5 inches (width) x 78.7 inches (height).
  • Wide Banners: For a larger display area, wide banners may be used, which can measure up to 120cm (width) x 200cm (height) or approximately 47.2 inches (width) x 78.7 inches (height).
  • Desktop Size: Smaller versions designed for table or desktop use typically measure around 30cm (width) x 40cm (height) or approximately 11.8 inches (width) x 15.7 inches (height).

Custom sizes are also possible if you need a pull-up banner that does not fit these standard dimensions. It’s important to consider the space where the banner will be displayed and what it will be used for when deciding on the size. Additionally, ensure that the design and text are clearly visible from a distance relevant to where your audience will be.

Designing a roller banner involves considering both its visual impact and the information it conveys. Here are some key points to consider for creating an effective roller banner:

1. Purpose and Audience

  • Identify the Purpose: Is the banner for a trade show, conference, retail promotion, or another event? The purpose influences the design and content.
  • Understand Your Audience: Design with the audience in mind. What appeals to them? What information do they need?

2. Content

  • Headline: Should be eye-catching and convey the main message at a glance. Keep it short and impactful.
  • Details: Include essential information such as features, benefits, pricing, or event details. Keep it concise.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Tell the audience what to do next—visit a website, call a phone number, visit a booth, etc.

3. Design Elements

  • Logo and Branding: Place your logo at the top. The banner should reflect your brand’s colours and style.
  • Images: Use high-quality, relevant images. Make sure they are large enough to be seen from a distance.
  • Colours: Use colours that stand out but also align with your brand. Contrast can help make the text readable.
  • Fonts: Use large, legible fonts. Make sure the main message is readable from a distance.

4. Layout

  • Top: Logo and main message. This is what people see first.
  • Middle: Supporting information or images. Details that explain the main message more fully.
  • Bottom: CTA and contact information. Place details here that people can come closer to read.

5. Technical Specifications

  • Size: Standard roller banners are usually around 80×200 cm, but check with your printer for specific sizes.
  • Resolution: Ensure all graphics are high resolution, typically 300 dpi, for printing.
  • File Format: Typically, printers require PDF, AI, or EPS formats. Check with your printer.

6. Practical Tips

  • Proofread: Double-check all text for errors.
  • Mockup: Before finalising, visualise the banner in its intended environment.
  • Professional Help: Consider hiring a designer if you’re unsure about doing it yourself.

Pull Up Banner FAQs

How pull up banners work?

Pull-up banners, also known as roll-up banners or retractable banners, are popular display tools for advertising, presentations, and exhibitions. They work through a simple yet effective mechanism that allows for easy setup and take-down. Here’s a breakdown of how pull-up banners work:


  • Base: The base houses the rolled-up banner and the retractable mechanism. It’s typically made of aluminum or another lightweight, durable material to ensure stability and ease of transport.
  • Banner: The banner itself is usually made of a durable material like vinyl, fabric, or PVC to withstand wear and tear. It features the printed graphics or information.
  • Support Pole: This pole extends from the base and is what the banner attaches to when unrolled. The pole might be telescopic, allowing for height adjustments, or a simple, fixed-length rod.
  • Retractable Mechanism: Within the base, there’s a spring-loaded mechanism that controls the roll-up function of the banner. This mechanism allows the banner to be pulled out for display and retracted back into the base for storage.

How It Works

  1. Setup:
    • The base is placed on the ground where the banner will be displayed.
    • The support pole is assembled (if it’s telescopic, it’s extended to the desired height) and then inserted into a slot or hole in the base.
    • The top of the banner is pulled upwards from the base by hand.
    • Once fully extended, the top of the banner is hooked onto the top of the support pole.
  2. Display:
    • The banner stands upright, held in tension between the base and the top of the support pole.
    • The spring-loaded mechanism in the base locks, keeping the banner securely open.
  3. Take-down:
    • The banner is unhooked from the top of the support pole.
    • The retractable mechanism is engaged, usually by a slight push downwards on the banner, allowing the spring to slowly retract the banner back into the base.
    • The support pole is collapsed and stored alongside the base.


  • Portability: Lightweight and comes with a carrying case, making it easy to transport.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to set up and take down without needing tools or extensive effort.
  • Versatility: Can be used in a variety of settings, from trade shows to presentations and promotional events.
  • Visibility: Offers high visibility for branding and messages in a compact, space-efficient design.

Pull-up banners are favoured for their convenience and effectiveness in displaying information prominently and attractively in a variety of settings.

Can pull up banners be recycled?

Pull-up banners, often used for advertising or informational displays at events, are made from various materials, including metal (for the stand) and plastic or vinyl (for the banner itself). The recyclability of these components depends on the materials used and the facilities available in your area. Here’s a general breakdown:

Pull-up banners, often used for advertising or informational displays at events, are made from various materials, including metal (for the stand) and plastic or vinyl (for the banner itself). The recyclability of these components depends on the materials used and the facilities available in your area. Here’s a general breakdown:

  • Metal Stand: The metal parts of a pull-up banner stand are typically made from aluminum or steel, both of which are widely recycled. These can usually be taken to a metal recycling facility or sometimes included in curb-side recycling programs, depending on local policies.
  • Banner Material: The banner itself can be more challenging to recycle. Banners made from vinyl (PVC) are often not accepted in standard recycling programs due to the difficulty in processing PVC. Some specialised recycling programs exist that handle PVC, but they are less common. Banners made from other plastics, such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), might be more easily recycled, depending on local facilities.
  • Print and Inks: The type of ink used for printing on the banner can also affect recyclability. Some inks may contain heavy metals or other substances that make recycling more difficult. However, there are eco-friendly inks and printing methods that are designed to be more compatible with recycling processes.

For recycling pull-up banners, it’s best to:

  1. Check with local recycling programs: Contact your local waste management or recycling center to see if they accept the materials your banner is made of. They can provide specific guidance based on local facilities and policies.
  2. Look for specialised recycling options: Some companies specialise in recycling materials like vinyl banners and may offer mail-in programs.
  3. Consider repurposing: If recycling isn’t an option, you might find creative ways to repurpose the banner material, such as using it for protective covers, bags, or other crafts.

Ultimately, the most environmentally friendly option is to design banners with future use in mind, opting for materials that are easily recyclable or banners that can be reused for multiple events.

What exactly is a Pull Up Banner?

It is a self-standing, portable display stand with a printed graphic panel that retracts on a roller into a spring-loaded base. When ready to use, the printed panel is simply pulled out of its base and hooked onto a supporting pole which slots into the same stand. After use, they can be rolled back into their bases for protection during storage and transportation. Pull Up Banners are quick to construct, easy to transport, light weight and an extremely effective advertising tool.

See our Roller Banner FAQ for more details

Are pull up banners known by any other name?

Yes. You may have heard of roller banners, pop-up banners, roll up banners or retractable banners. Basically, they are all the same product; a self-standing display that houses an extendable graphic panel in its own roller mechanism.

How do you use a Pull up Banner?

It couldn’t be simpler. If you’re a visual learner follow our step by step guide.

A Quick Guide to using a Roller Banner

  1. Remove the stand from the bag
  2. Take out the pole
  3. If there are stabilising feet on the base, rotate them out
  4. Connect the sections of the pole
  5. Fit the open end of the pole into the hole on the base
  6. Pull the rolled graphic panel up out of the base and hook onto the top of the pole.
  7. Position your roller banner display in a conspicuous place for all to see
  8. After use unhook the panel from the pole and gently allow it to roll back into the stand. Dismantle the pole, turn in the feet, and place both parts into the bag.

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