Print Lamination Types

When it comes to print lamination types, there’s lots to choose from. Silk, Gloss, Matt, Soft-Touch, Anti-Graffiti… there’s so many options to ensure you create your perfect laminated products.

Before we explain the different print lamination types, let’s take a look at lamination as a process.

What is lamination? 

Lamination is a printing technique that involves securely attaching a layer of plastic or another durable material to the outside of your printed products. This attachment is done under heat or pressure or both, to ensure one complete printed product. 

Lamination can make your printed products much more durable and add strength, making them less prone to tearing. Some types of lamination add a pleasing aesthetic effect, some can repel graffiti, some are pleasant to the touch and some lamination can even render your product waterproof.

Read on to learn about the different print lamination types. 


print lamination machine

Below we explain the differences between the print lamination types. If you’re still unsure as to which laminate would be best for your specific product, just get in touch!

Gloss laminated print

Gloss Lamination on Bottleneck Hanger

print with matt laminated finish

Matt Lamination on Pillow Pack

Print Lamination Types… 

Read all about the main lamination types below. 

What is Gloss Lamination?

Gloss lamination is glossy! Gloss laminated printed products have a shiny finish. Adding gloss laminate your paper products also gives a visual illusion of colours that ‘pop’ more and form a higher contrast. Gloss lamination is cost-effective and easy to achieve; you can even write on some gloss laminates (but this will eventually stain the product – for a long term solution, use dry-wipe laminate). However, due to the shiny nature of the laminate, products with glossy lamination will show fingerprints, marks and cracks more. 

What is Matt Lamination?

Matt lamination gives printed products a matt finish – unlike gloss, it isn’t reflective. Many people choose gloss laminate for products they want to convey elegance, luxury or professionalism. Matt lamination provides a pleasant tactile finish. Matt is very much the opposite of gloss in every sense – where gloss makes colours ‘pop’, matt provides an illusion of lower contrast. This renders the finished colours more blended and subtle.

What is Silk Lamination?

Silk lamination is so named because it feels silky to the touch. Silk lamination is the most common laminate for printed products, and is often found on business cards. A light layer of plastic is adhered to the top of your printed product. Silk laminate provides a high quality, aesthetically pleasing finish, with a smooth silky touch. It is also more cost-effective than it’s soft-touch counterpart, so should you wish for a touch of luxury with a smaller budget, silk is a great in-between.

Large Format Lamination

We also offer a couple of large format only laminations that are more for practical use than for any aesthetic or tactile styling. Get in touch for more options. 

What is Soft Touch Lamination?

Soft-touch lamination has all the same benefits as matt: blended, softer colours and touch of elegance. However, soft touch laminate products are also velvety to the touch. As such, soft touch is the perfect choice for luxury products. Soft-touch lamination is fairly expensive to produce, and as such it is one of the most expensive laminate options.

Anti-Graffiti Lamination

Anti graffiti lamination can be applied to some printed products to help repel spray paint or pens. You can use this on signage to protect your advertising in public places. 

A person writing on dry wipe laminated board

White Board with Dry-Wipe lamination

Dry-Wipe Lamination

If you need to write on your custom printed product, remove and re-write, dry wipe lamination is for you! This is ideal for interactive calendars, boards or signs. Dry wipe lamination is also ink and dirt repellent, so you can reuse your products time and time again.   Please note: dry wipe lamination is only available for large format products.

If you need any more lamination assistance then call us on 023 8087 8037 or email us.

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