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How to set up a roller banner for print

20th Oct 2013

We recommend setting up your roller banner in Illustrator rather than Photoshop as this is the easiest way to design your roller banner at the correct size and dpi for print.

Start by creating a new file in illustrator, and in the New Document settings change the width and height to the relevant sizes advised for the banner stand you are ordering. For example, a budget roller banner 850mm wide would be 850mm width and 2100mm height. You don’t need to add any bleed for our roller banners. In the advanced section, ensure your Colour Mode is CMYK and Raster Effects are 300dpi. Click OK.




Now get your rulers up by pressing CMD+R (or CTRL+R on a PC), and drag a ruler down to 2000mm on your Y Axis. This now shows you the area you have to work with as the visible panel. Remember the bottom 100mm stays rolled within the roller mechanism so don’t put any text or numbers in this area, however you should allow your background image to bleed down into this area if you have one.

You can now set about placing any images, logos or vectors you need, (remember to embed them, so the links aren’t lost). Also remember to check the ppi of any images placed – ensuring you zoom in to check their resolution.

When saving, remember to save the illustrator file first, then save a separate version for print, having converted all fonts and paths to outlines, and then save that as a PDF. This is the file we require for print. If your pdf is less than around 8-10mb, then it’s fine to email, however if it’s more, please upload it using our upload facility.

As always if you need any further help or get stuck, don’t hesitate to call us on 02380 700 111.