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Roller Banner Buyers Guide

* Buying for the first time? Allow us to take you on a tour…

Roller Banners UK

Spoilt for choice? Perhaps but we’re here to help!

We understand how confusing it can all be. They look great and obviously get the job done, but where do you start? It can look like a minefield of roller banners out there. So many to choose from. Some are as big as a house. Others look like desk ornaments. There are expensive all singing, all dancing ones, that connect to make a wall! It’s a big ask and a big deal. We get it! So that’s why we’re here to walk you through every stage of the buying a roller banner process from start to finish.

* Tell me exactly what a roller banner is

A Roller Banner is a self-standing, retractable banner stand, with a printed graphic panel. This panel is inserted into an aluminium spring-loaded base. Roller banners can be rolled away into their own bases to protect the printed panel and makes transportation easy. When ready to use the printed panel is simply pulled up out of its base and hooked onto a pole. To pack away, the panel rolls back into its own base. These stands are easy to transport, quick to construct, light weight and big enough to attract attention.

What other names are used for roller banner stands?

There are many different names used for these types of stands. Roller banners are also known as, roll up banners, pull up banners, pop up banner stands or retractable banner stands. All these names refer to the same product. An exception is pop up banners. Although some people use this term for roller banners, a pop up banner is usually a much larger exhibition stand that as a separate pop up frame.

* When should I use a roller banner?

Roller banners have a multitude of uses and can be found at exhibitions, trade shows, shopping centres, reception areas, product launches, presentations, media events, museums and charity events - to name just a few. Roll up banners are most effective when being used to attract attention, create awareness, advertise special offers to passing customers or as backdrops to exhibition stands or media events. A well-designed roller banner delivers a strong visual message that can be easily seen from a distance.

Help me find the right roller banner

Roller banners are our forte, so we’ve designed a whole range of them to suit every budget and every occasion. Come this way, we’ll give you the low down so you can make your choice …

One Off, Economical, Popular, Tall, Classy, Red Hot!, Wide, Desktop, Double Sided Budget, Double Sided Premium, Replacement Graphics

The Super Saver Roll Up Banner - ‘The One off one’

This is our low cost, economy banner suitable for one-day events or presentations. Possibly the cheapest roller banner on the market, especially when you purchase in bulk. The Super Saver graphic panel is printed on the same material as our more expensive ranges which makes it unique. The panel retracts into its own silver base and comes with a free carry bag to make it easy to transport and store.

Super Saver Banner Perfect for short term use
Size of graphic panel:
800mm wide x 2,000mm high

The kit includes:
Graphic panel with self-adhesive header bar, silver banner stand with twist out feet, carry bag.

Suitable for:
Light use only. Not suitable for frequent or long-term use. Good for presentations or one day only exhibitions.

From £26 (ex VAT) for the roll up banner kit. Equates to £23 each when ten or more are purchased together. Extras costs include 24-hour express service, professional design service (from £15.00) and express delivery. Standard next day delivery is FREE.

Artwork conversion time:
Standard 48 hours, express 24 hours (See turnaround times)

In our honest opinion…
'It's cheap but still looks the part if you’re on a low budget and short on time. Particularly good for those one off, last minute promotional events.'

The Economy Roller Banner – ‘The Economical one’

An ideal first roll up banner if you're finding your feet in this field. A step up from your basic banner with high quality, heavy weight printed material, grey backing to mask light, a robust stand and a snap rail to attach the graphic. The Economy roller banner retracts into its own stand and packs safely into a padded carry bag.

Economy Banner Tougher than our Super Saver
Size of graphic panel:
800mm wide x 2,000mm high

The kit includes:
Graphic panel, silver banner stand with two feet and a padded carry case.

Suitable for:
Short term, light use. Ideal for weekend or exhibitions of short duration.

From £34.00 (ex VAT) for the roll up banner kit. Equates to £25 each when 15 or more are ordered together. Extra costs include 24-hour express service, professional design service (from £15.00) and express delivery. Next day Standard delivery is FREE.

Artwork conversion time:
Standard 48 hours or express 24 hours (See turnaround times)

In our honest opinion…
'This may well be the cheapest /high quality budget banner on the market. A good starter for ten!'

The Premium Roller Banner – ‘The Tall One’

An impressive high quality and stable retractable banner. It’s so sturdy the stand doesn’t even need feet! The graphics are printed on heavy weight Textured Blockout PET material (500gsm) ensuring excellent print reproduction, sharp and vibrant graphics, a light reflective surface and a Lightstop backing layer. A towering display height of 2,150mm and unusual teardrop shape makes the Premium banner a cut above the rest!

Premium Roller Banner Add this to the fleet if you want a stand to last for years
Size of graphic panel:
600mm, 850mm or 1,000mm wide x 2,150mm high

The kit includes:
High resolution graphic panel, stable heavy weight banner stand and carry case.

Suitable for:
Frequent, heavy and long-term use. For exhibitions of multiple days, longstanding advertising campaigns, signage and regular presentations.

From £80.00 (ex VAT). Extra costs include express 24-hour service, professional design service (from £15.00) and express delivery. FREE standard next day delivery.

Artwork conversion time:
Standard 48 hours or 24 hours express service (See turnaround times)

In our honest opinion…
’Bigger and better than most. If you need a good-looking roller banner for high impact advertising year after year the Premium does the job.’

The Exclusive Roller Banner – ‘The Classy one’

The best you can get. This is a top-quality banner with high resolution print, full colour graphic panel on 240micron Lightstop material with a crystal laminate (a pressure sensitive, non-glare PVC overlaminating film with a soft ‘crystal finish.’) Posh to say the least and just right for those high stakes, top notch events where you really want to impress. As an exclusive product this banner is robust and well-built complete with its own one-piece, solid stand, no feet required!

Exclusive Roller Banner The king or queen of roller banners!
Size of graphic panel:
850mm wide x 2,150mm high

The kit includes:
High resolution, full colour graphic panel, stable, heavy weight banner stand, carry case.

Suitable for:
Long-term frequent use. High profile events or ongoing advertising.

From: £125.00 (ex VAT) extra costs include 24-hour express service, professional design service (from £15.00) and express delivery service. FREE standard next day delivery.

Artwork conversion time:
Standard 48 hours or express 24 hours (See turnaround times)

In our honest opinion…
‘Definitely king or queen of the roller banners. An attractive display that will deliver time after time whilst defying the effects of heavy usage.’

link2 – The Red Hot one!

A state of the art roller banner system that enables you to create your own graphic wall. Seeing is believing the simplicity of this product as it’s easy to set up and dismantle, to separate into individual roller banners and to change the graphic panels. (See for yourself.)

There’s more to this system than meets the eye, the Link2 offers a host of innovative features including a patented levelling facility to ensure the graphics are aligned accurately, spring tension adjustment and an interchangeable graphics system.

The 240-micron Lightstop/protective laminate graphic panel retracts smoothly into its own robust roller banner stand and is secured to its neighbouring panel by magnetic bars. Available in double (2 stands), triple (3 stands) or quad (4 stands) kits. Also in double flexi, triple flexi and quad flexi kits for curved displays.

Link2 Create your own graphic wall
Individual graphic panel size:
850mm wide x 2,000mm or 2,175mm high

Flexi graphic panel size:
235mm wide x 2,000mm or 2,175mm

Each kit includes:
Full colour graphic panels on laminated Lightstop material, sturdy stand with four stability feet, uprights, magnetic linking bars and carry case.

Suitable for:
Large scale advertising banner space and high impact visual displays, larger exhibition booth areas, stage presentations and workshops. The kits are durable and hard wearing and are therefore ideal for long term, frequent use.

From £320.00 (ex VAT). Additional costs include professional design service (from £15) and express delivery service. Standard next day delivery is FREE.

Artwork conversion time:
standard turnaround 3 working days (See turnaround times)

In our honest opinion…
'If you have the budget and need an outstanding display that shouts professionalism and panache then you can’t go wrong with the LINK2!'

…And still there’s more.

Just when you thought it was safe to say you know all about roller banners, there are other related products on offer which you should know about before you make your choice.

Wide and Wide Premium Roller Banners

Got a little extra room for a bigger display? Or do you need to cover an ugly bare wall? The wide roller banners are a lot of display for the money. As with all our products the high resolution full colour graphics are printed on good quality material offering a choice of Supersmooth Lightstop or the heavier weight thicker panel of Textured Blockout PET.

Choose the Wide roller banner if you need a larger graphic than the standard range and a lighter weight one than the wide Premium version. Artwork to dispatch turnaround is the standard 48 hours, with the 24-hour express service if time is tight.

Wide Premium Roller Banner Go wide for added impact
Size of graphic panel:
Wide Roller Banner 1m to 2m wide x 2000mm high

Wide Premium Roller Banner 1m – 2.9 m wide x 2,150mm high

Prices from:
£48.00 (ex VAT) for the Wide and from £95.00 (ex VAT) for the Wide Premium.

Extras include
The 24-hour express service, the professional design service and express delivery service.

Desktop Roll Up Banners

These mini banners are the smallest of the repertoire and are pretty much identical to the larger versions. Printed in A4 or A3 size on laminated Lightstop material, the little banners sit perfectly on any desk or display stand making them hard to ignore. Complete with full colour graphic panel which retracts into a smart silver stand. A tiny accessory creating a big impact. Ahhh!

Desktop Display Stands
Size of graphic panel:
Available in A4 or A3 size

Prices from:
£16.00 (ex VAT) for A4 and £18.00 (ex VAT) for A3.

Extras include
24 hours express service, the professional design service and express delivery service.

Double Sided Budget Roller Banner

If you want to make double the impact our double sided retractable banner can display twice as much information. Two graphic panels are supplied in one stable banner stand which means you can use these panels interchangeably, either together or simultaneously, whichever is needed. Versatile and economical each panel can be printed with different artwork for the same price. Supersmooth, Lightstop material is again used as with others in the range, producing top quality image reproduction.

Double-sided Banner Display twice as much information with a double-sided banner
Size of graphic panel:
850mm or 1,000mm wide x 2,000mm high

Prices from:
£98.00 (ex VAT)

Extras include
24 hours express service, professional design service and express delivery service. Standard next day delivery is free.

Double Sided Premium Roller Banner

A high-grade twin panel roller banner stand offering versatile graphic displays and a top-quality roller mechanism identical to the Exclusive roller banner. Your chosen graphics are printed in full colour and high resolution on two Blockout PET panels for the price of one. The kit comes with a six-month warranty in its own carry bag.

Double-sided Banner Display twice as much information with a double-sided banner
Size of graphic panel:
850mm, 1,000mm, 1,500mm or 2,000mm wide x 2,150mm high

Prices from:
£145.00 (ex VAT)

Extras include
24-hour express service, professional design service and express delivery.

Replacement Graphics

Replacement Graphic Panels

Replacement panels are available starting from £25.00 but we advise you to seriously consider buying a complete unit to avoid unnecessary long-term cost and loss of time. For more information click here.

Tips on buying your roller banner product

If you are still unsure which of the roller banner products suits your needs why not give us a call on 02380 700111 or come to the studios in person to discuss your project and we will be happy to advise. Our address is Unit 6, City Grove Trading Estate, Woodside Road, Eastleigh, SO50 4ET.

* Are you ready to order online?

  1. Return to the Home screen and select ‘Roll Up Banners’. You will be presented with a line-up of all the roller banner items available.
  2. Select your chosen roller banner e.g.; Budget roller banner by tapping the ‘more’ button. The full details of the product will then be listed for you to choose specific options.
  3. The heading ‘Graphic Panel’ gives you a choice of Textured Blockout PET or SuperSmooth Lightstop material. Make your choice by tapping the grey box, the two options will be listed for you to select the appropriate one. A blue tick will confirm selection of the option.
  4. The ‘Size’ heading gives you a choice of 800mm or 850mm wide if you select the grey box opposite. Make sure you select the correct size indicated by the blue tick.
  5. Turnaround refers to the length of time from submission of artwork to receipt of your package. The choice is standard 48 hours or express 24 hours (which incurs a small charge). (These turnaround times exclude the Design Service). Make your selection in the same way.
  6. The final heading is ‘quantity’. Tap on the grey box link and select the number of roller banners you would like.

Super speedy service

The Roller Banners Team do a great job, (so our customers say!) and we can do it extra quickly if time is short.

  • A typical turnaround time from submission of artwork to delivery of your order is 48 hours, although this is dependent on quantities, order specifications, machine requirements and delivery companies.
  • If you need your banner by the next day just pay for your order and forward your artwork by 2pm.
  • Allow 4 days for the professional design service. For more details see our Turnaround times below.


Standard next day delivery is free for all our products. There is a charge to guarantee delivery of your package for a specific time; for guaranteed delivery before 12pm £12.00 + VAT, before 10.30am £30.00 + VAT and Express delivery before 12pm Saturday is £28.00 + VAT.

48hr Turnaround

24hr Turnaround

To complete your purchase

After you have chosen the required size, turnaround time, quantity and design options scroll down to the green box ‘Add to cart.’ A page summarising your order will appear for you to check all details before tapping the ‘check out’ box. As a new customer you can either check out as a guest or register online to create an account with Roller Banners UK if you are likely to use us again. This will save you from re-entering your personal details every time. The last step is to fill in the details of where you would like your banner to be sent, along with your chosen delivery service, whether standard or express if your time is short.

Returning customers need only complete their email address and password, which will have been submitted on registration.

NB: the billing address and delivery address may be different. Ensure the correct address is completed in the appropriate sections.

Happy days! Your order will now be confirmed, processed and winging its way to you in no time at all!

A behind the scenes tour of our facilities

We appreciate and value the time you have taken to peruse our site and to order from our products. It’s important you feel confident with your purchase decision, so to help with that we’d like to show you how we do things the Roller Banner UK way by giving you a brief look behind the scenes at what makes us successful and unique.

Trust us to take care of you

Impressive machinery does not guarantee good quality, low priced products. So why trust us to do a good job for a reasonable price? Firstly, Roller Banners UK is Google certified and one of the country’s few printing companies accepted onto their programme. This means that service levels are constantly monitored offering customers protection on their purchases. All work is produced in house on the latest, fastest and most efficient kit so we can generate work in volume whilst keeping an eye on quality. Banner mechanisms come with a manufacturer warranty from 3 months to 5 years dependent on the product and all printing is guaranteed not to fade for 2 years. If you are not completely satisfied with your roller banner then please let us know within 14 days and we will endeavour to put this right to our very best ability. (See Quality guarantee)

For more assurance you’ve made a good decision check out what our customers are saying.

“The quality was much better than anticipated … several people wanted to order their own and couldn’t believe the price compared to what they paid.”
“The quality is outstanding for what is paid.” “I was contacted by the staff and we fixed the problem.”
“Absolutely thrilled with our purchase. The design service is fantastic and the delivery was very quick!”

For more testimonials on specific items scroll down on the product pages.