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We answer the roller banners FAQ ‘s below. 

What are Roller Banners? 

A Roller Banner is a self-standing, retractable banner stand, with a printed graphic panel. This panel is inserted into an aluminium spring loaded base. Roller banners can be rolled away into their own bases to protect the printed panel and makes transportation easy. When ready to use the printed panel is simply pulled up out of its base and hooked onto a pole. To pack away, the panel rolls back into its own base. These stands are easy to transport, quick to construct, light weight and big enough to attract attention.

What other names are used for roller banner stands? 

There are many different names used for these types of stands. Roller banners are also known as, roll up banners, pull up banners, pop up banner stands or retractable banner stands. All these names refer to exactly the same product. An exception is pop up banners. Although some people use this term for roller banners, a pop up banner is usually a much larger exhibition stand that as a separate pop up frame.

What are roller banners used for? 

Roller banners have a multitude of uses and can be found at exhibitions, trade shows, shopping centres, reception areas, product launches, presentations, media events, museums and charity events – to name just a few. Roll up banners are most effective when being used to attract attention, create awareness, advertise special offers to passing customers or as backdrops to exhibition stands or media events. A well designed roller banner delivers a strong visual message that can be easily seen from a distance.

Can I use your pull up banners outdoors? 

The pull up banner stands we supply are designed for indoor use only. These stands are light weight and quite tall and as such will not be able to stand up in windy conditions outdoors. We offer a range of outdoor display options which can be found on our Outdoor Banners & Flags page.

Which stand should I order – Economy, Budget, Premium or Exclusive? 

We offer a number different models of stand, designed to meet a range of quality and price expectations. The model stand you choose will be dependant on your budget and the way you intend to use your stand. The main difference between the models of stand is the base itself. All our banners – whether you choose the cheap Economy Roller Banner or the top of the range Exclusive – are printed in high resolution, on good quality banner material. The difference in price is due to the quality of the base being used.

Please see our roller banner comparison chart for more information.

  • Economy Roller Banner – This stand is a cheap roller banner, designed for short term use. This is our entry level stand and the base is very light weight and made to a low price. This means the Economy base is not suitable for long term and frequent use, but will work perfectly for one off events, short term use or as a static display.
  • Budget Roller Banner – Our most popular pull  up banner stand. This is also a light weight stand, but the mechanism is a higher quality than our economy stand with a stronger pole. This means the budget stand is perfect for frequent use and is still light and small enough to easily transport. Many of our customers pack these stands into their luggage for events abroad.
  • Premium Roller Banner – The Premium banner stand is a high quality roller banner mechanism, suitable for long term, frequent use. This stand is heavier than both the Economy and Budget and is supplied with a stronger pole. This base does not have turn out feet, but is a single piece “tear drop” shape base. This is an attractive, stable banner stand that will provide long term, reliable service.
  • Exclusive Roller Banner –  Our top of the range stand, the heaviest and most stable stand of all our models. The shape of the Exclusive is very similar to our Premium range.

Do you offer a fabric roller banner?

Our roller banner graphics are printed on PVC for durability and finish. 

What are the packed dimensions and weights of your pull up stands?

Our roller banners stands are delivered in a bag, packed into a box. The dimensions and weights of the boxed stands are below

  • Economy Roller Banner – Weight – 4 kg – box dimensions – 84cm x 11cm x 11cm
  • Budget Roller Banner – Weight – 4.8 kg – box dimensions – 86cm x 12cm x 13cm (based on 800mm wide stand)
  • Premium Roller Banner – Weight – 7 kg – box dimensions – 94cm x 24cm x 12cm (based on 850mm wide stand)

For a full list of roller banner sizes and weights, including foot print area please see our Roller Banner Sizes and Weights page (1800 banners are not available). 

What sizes do you offer?

We offer a range of sizes. The difference in sizes affects the width of the banner stand only, all our roller banners are supplied at the same height. The standard roller banner width in the UK is 800mm. Details of the sizes available are below:

  • Economy Roller banner – Height – 2m, Widths available – 800mm Only
  • Budget Roller Banner – Height – 2m, Width Available – 800mm | 850mm
  • Wide Budget Roller banner – Height – 2m, Width Available – 1m | 1.2m | 1.5m | 2m
  • Premium Roller Banner – Height – 2.15m, Widths Available – 850mm
  • Wide Premium Roller banner – Height – 2.15m, Widths Available – 1m | 1.2m | 1.5m | 2m | 2.4m | 2.9m

How do I set up artwork for a roller banner?

As these are large display stands it is important that artwork is prepared correctly and to the highest possible quality. Low resolution images and text will be clearly visible at the sizes that these stands print. Our artwork guides, FAQ’s and templates are available to ensure that the artwork is supplied correctly. High quality artwork will result in a high quality banner. Links to our guidance pages are below:

Artwork Guide – Artwork Guide

Artwork FAQ – Supplying Artwork FAQ

Template Files – Download Template Files

Photoshop Files – please see our Photoshop blog on how to save as PDF.

If you are unsure how to create artwork, or if you do not have the software needed, we offer a Banner Design Service where our team of designers can create your artwork. All we need is your logo and images and we will provide a proof for you to approve before going to print.

Top tip! Invest in some pop up banner lights to make your design stand out! Roller banner lights will keep your artwork looking great at all times. 

How quickly can you deliver my stand?

Our standard turnaround time is usually 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays), and we can deliver your roller banner direct to your preferred address. This means if you order and supply print ready artwork, before 11am on a Monday we will despatch your stand on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday. Most of our roller cassette banner stands are also available with a 24 hour service. So if this service is selected and the order and artwork is received before 10am on Monday, we will despatch the same day for delivery on Tuesday.

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