School Admissions Roller Banners – Budget

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School Admissions Roller Banners – Budget

Introducing our School Admissions Roller Banner, the ideal tool to promote and announce the opening of admissions for the upcoming academic year (e.g., September 2023/2024). Designed with attention-grabbing visuals and concise messaging, our roller banners are perfect for creating a professional and impactful presence. Crafted with durable materials and featuring a convenient retractable mechanism, they can be set up in seconds and provide a portable advertising solution.

Customize your School Admissions Roller Banner with your school’s logo, enrollment details and key selling points to attract prospective students and parents. Place your pullup banner strategically in high-traffic areas such as reception areas, entrances or at school events to generate interest. With our School Admissions Roller Banner, you can effectively communicate your enrollment information, create excitement and encourage potential applicants to take action for the upcoming academic year.

School Admissions Roller Banner Printing Options

Easily set up your printed roller banner at any location within your school. With its user-friendly design, this pull-up banner can be swiftly erected in a matter of seconds, allowing you to create an impressive display wherever you desire. For your convenience, every School Admission Roller Banner includes a complimentary padded carry case, enabling you to effortlessly dismantle, store, transport, and re-erect the banner in a different location. Enjoy the flexibility and portability of our roller banners, ensuring fantastic displays with easy assembly.

  • 290 micron (420gsm) Supersmooth Lightstop graphic
  • High-res graphic printing
  • Easy to erect pull up banner in roller base
  • Free Padded Carry Case
  • 3 month warranty
  • Free UK Delivery*

Top tip! Looking for an Admissions roller banner that will last years? Check out our premium model! Need a hanging display banner for outside? View our banner options.

Need your School Admissions Roller Banner in a hurry? Simply select Express 48 Hour or Express 24 Hour to speed up the delivery.

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Weight3.6 kg

Our entry level printed roller banner from £38.00 for 1 stand and as low as £30.00 each when ordering 15 stands with FREE DELIVERY.


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