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We want to deliver the highest quality roller banners, exhibition stands and banners, however to achieve the best quality printing requires high quality artwork. We have put together some FAQ’s below to try and help you create artwork that will produce the best quality printed product possible. If you are unsure on artwork requirements, please give us a call, we will be happy to help.

More information on artwork can also be found on our Artwork Guideline page

For a guide on setting up artwork in Photoshop please see our Photoshop Guide Page

For a guide on setting up artwork in Illustrator please see our Illustrator Guide Page

For a guide on using free online design software including Canva please see our Design Your Own page

For our top 10 tips on designing a roller banner see our How to Design blog

Suppling Artwork FAQ

What is Print Ready Artwork?

Print ready artwork is artwork that is supplied ready to go straight to the printing press without amendment. This means it is the final version of artwork, it is set to the correct size and to the correct specification for print. If your artwork is not set up like this, it is not print ready.

What format should I use to supply artwork?

Our preferred format and the one that achieves the best results is a PDF. The PDF must be in CMYK with fonts converted to curves or outlines. We can also accept JPEG files although wherever possible use PDF. If your are ordering a wide roller banner or a pop up exhibition stand you can supply the artwork at half size, but if possible always try and supply the PDF at actual size.

How do I supply different versions if I want to print more than one artwork?

Please supply a multiple page PDF or combine the different PDF versions into a ZIP file. It is important that multiple files are supplied in this way to ensure we don’t miss a file. Please also make a note on your order to draw attention to the fact you have multiple artwork versions.

Where can I find the dimensions of each product?

We provide templates on each product page, but we also supply more information on specific products on our Artwork Guideline page.

Can I supply my artwork at half-size?

Yes we can have artwork supplied at half-size. If you are supplying artwork at half size, please make a note of this in the file name.

Do I need to add bleed to my artwork?

For roller banners, exhibition stands and outdoor banner printing you do not need to include bleed on your artwork. However if you have included bleed this is not a problem and we will still use your artwork file. You do need to add a “bleed” area at the bottom of roller banner artwork. This is the part of the panel that stays in the stand and is usually 100mm.

What is RGB and CMYK?

Computer screens and other digital displays create colour in RGB. This stands for Red, Green and Blue. The mixture of these 3 primary colours creates all the different colours you see. In printing we print in CMYK. We use these 4 colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black in combination to create a printed banner. This means that if artwork is supplied to us in RGB our software needs to convert the colour to CMYK. This conversion process can sometimes give unexpected results and printed colours can look very different to what you expected. It is therefore important that the artwork file you send us is converted to CMYK before it is sent.

Do you check spelling and grammar before printing?

No, we won’t check your artwork for spelling or grammar mistakes. It is important that you check this carefully before uploading artwork.

What resolution artwork do you require?

We advise that all artwork is supplied at 300dpi at full size. However there may be times, especially when ordering our wide roller banners, when this is not practical.  If this is the case and file sizes dictate that a lower DPI setting be used, please do not go below 150dpi.

Can I supply Photoshop files?

We would prefer you to supply Photoshop PDF files instead of PSD files. To create the best PDF from Photoshop, please ensure that you flatten your layers before outputting the artwork to PDF.

Please see our How to setup a roller banner in Photoshop blog for instructions

My artwork file is very large how can I get this to you?

If your artwork file exceeds the maximum size of the upload tool on the order page, you can upload your artwork using our large file upload service. Please note you must still complete your order online, uploading artwork only will not start your order.

Can I supply artwork in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint?

Unfortunately we cannot accept artwork supplied in Word or Powerpoint. These software packages are not designed to create print artwork. The printed results from artwork supplied in these formats is very poor.

Can you create my artwork for me?

Yes, we offer a banner design service for just £15.00 plus VAT. Please select this option when placing your order online and once the order is placed you can then email us all your images, logo and text and we will create a design for you to approve or amend.

I have ordered the banner design service how do I send you my images?

Please email your images and logo’s to quoting your order number.

We hope this supply artwork FAQs section is useful. If you have further questions, please do get in touch. 

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