Hanging Outdoor Banners

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Hanging Outdoor Banners

Outdoor PVC Banners are a highly effective, low cost method of displaying your message outdoors. They can be used to advertise an event, promote a product or service, create awareness, direct traffic or build local brand awareness. Printed banners are cheap to order and can last outdoors in all weather.

To make the best use of your printed banner it is important it is hung correctly to maximize its impact and also extend its life outdoors. Poorly hung banners can rip or become loose, especially in periods of bad weather. Our guide shows some of the ways to hang a banner outdoors.

The terminology in this guide is explained in more detail in our Outdoor Banner Printing FAQ page.

Before you start

Before you order your PVC banner measure the space available to display your banner and order this size. Although most online banner printers will sell standard size banners most will be able to provide a custom size if this is a better fit to the space you have.

Also determine what you have available on which to hang your banner – will it be railings, a fence, posts or a self-standing banner frame? Most importantly ensure you have permission to use the structure for banner advertising and that you are not breaking any by-laws.

Finally when hanging a banner, ensure you attach it with EVERY eyelet to spread the force across the whole banner – DO NOT use just the 4 corner eyelets, this will put too much stress on the corners and the eyelets will rip out during windy periods.

How to Hang a Banner to a Wall or Wooden Panel Fence

Attaching a printed banner to a wall is the most secure way of displaying a banner as the wall will protect the banner from wind. The best way of attaching the banner is to screw the banner to the wall using screws and washers.

What will you need?

Steel washers (ideally 25mm diameter with 5mm hole – 1 per eyelet)

Wall plugs and screws (for brick wall)

Self-tapping screws (wooden fence)

Drill for drilling holes into wall


Hold the banner up to the wall or fence and mark the positions to drill the holes through each of the eyelets.

Brick Wall – Drill the correct size hole for the wall plugs you are using

Screw the banner to the wall or fence with a screw and washer through each eyelet. If screwing to a fence use self-tapping wood screws.

Ensure the washer being used is large enough to cover the eyelet.

Screw the PVC banner to a fence Hanging a PVC banner to a wall

How to Hang a Banner to a Wire fence or Railings

The most cost effective way of attaching a banner to a fence or railings is to attach it with cable ties. This makes a secure fixing however cable ties are inflexible so in periods of high wind the eyelets may rip out of the banner. If the fence is in a high wind area it would be better to use bungee cords or strips of elastic rope which will allow the banner some movement in the wind.

What will you need?

Cable Tie Method – One cable tie per eyelet – we recommend 370mm black cable ties

Bungee Cord Method – Banner bungee cord fixings or 6mm bungee rope (shock cord)


Simply attach the banner to the fence or rails using the cable ties or bungee cords through EACH eyelet. Ensure you fix every available eyelet to the fence to spread the force across the whole banner. Attach the banner in a way that ensures the banner is held taut across the fence.

Using cable ties to hang a banner Hanging a banner to railings Using bungee cords to hang a banner Outdoor PVC banner on railings

How to Hang a Banner between two poles or posts

Care must be taken when hanging a banner between two poles as the banner has the potential to act like a sail by catching the wind and becoming damaged. To avoid the banner being damaged it is important to provide support across the length of the banner. In areas of high wind it is also advisable to order PVC Mesh Banners as these banners have holes in them which allows some of the wind to pass through the banner.

What will you need?

Poles or postsTwo upright poles fixed securely into the ground. If installing your own posts ensure that they are very secure as the full force of the wind will be pulling against them.

Rope – Two lengths of strong rope long enough to span the distance between the two poles. We recommend at least 8mm Nylon rope.

Bungee Cord – 4 bungee cords to attach to each corner

Cable Ties – if using the cable tie method below you will also need 1 cable tie per eyelet.


Rope Threading Method

Tie one end of the top rope to one of the poles. Thread the rope through each eyelet on the top of the banner. Attach the other end of the rope to the other pole ensure the rope is taut. Repeat the
same process for the second rope through the bottom row of eyelets.

Once the ropes are threaded through both top and bottom eyelets use a bungee cord or shock cord through each of the corner eyelets and pull this tight to stretch the banner and keep it taut.

Hanging a banner between two poles Making a PVC banner taut with shock cord

Cable tie method

One of the downsides of threading a rope through the eyelets as we have done above is that the rope can cover over some of the print on the banner. To avoid this you can use cable ties instead to attach the banner.

For this method tie the top rope to both poles and make taut.

Attach the banner to the top rope using cable ties through each of the eyelet holes. Do not fully tighten the cable ties they should be able to slide over the rope like a curtain.

Now tie the bottom rope between the two poles and make taut, using the height of the banner as a guide for where to tie the rope.

Attach the bottom eyelets to the rope with cable ties in the same way as the top row.

Now use a bungee cord on each corner to pull the banner taut.

Using cable ties to attach a banner to rope Outdoor banner on display

I hope you have found this guide useful. We have tried to cover the more common methods of hanging a banner outdoors, however banners are so versatile that there can be a multitude of different structures suitable for this purpose. The key to successfully hanging a banner is to use every available eyelet to give the banner as much support as possible.

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