​Designing the Perfect Roller Banner

Designing the perfect roller banner is never that easy – after all, you have plenty of aspects to consider, whether it’s the images you use, the text of the banner itself, the colours, and even the fonts. But it definitely can be done – and even if you’re not a banner expert, you can still design a roller banner that would get your company and your products and services noticed. So what factors should you always remember when designing the perfect roller banner?

Understanding the resolution of your images

Apart from making sure that you have unique, high quality images for your banner, you also have to think about the resolution. When designing your banner, never ever do it through any Microsoft programme. You have to think of the actual size of your banner as well. The standard roller banner size, for  instance, is 800mm, but it can be extended to up to 1m. So when choosing your banner’s images, the size of the images should be no less than 300 dpi (dots per inch) – even more. The ideal size of the images would be about 600 dpi. If the size is less than 300 dpi, it would result in images that are not only blurry, but grainy as well. Also, when you save your images, they should be saved not as RGB but as CMYK.

Other pointers

​Designing the Perfect Roller Banner






There are other pointers to remember – and one of these is where your banner will be used. If you are planning to use your roll up banner at a trade show or exhibition, be mindful that the banner’s lower edge might be covered by a stall or table, so any information or detail near the bottom may not be easily seen. Your core message should therefore be placed at or near the top of the banner, and make sure that it can be read and understood even from a long distance away.

If you have a logo (and it is highly recommended that you do), place it at or near the top of the banner so it can be easily recognised by your target audience and any prospective clients. And, whilst it’s tempting to cram as much information as you can into your banner, remember that people won’t have the patience to read through a bunch of text. Make your text as basic and informative as possible; your audience can always ask for more details or information once you pique their interest.

Roller banners offer the perfect opportunity for advertising and promotion, and although there are no set rules for creating a perfect banner, it’s always best to keep the most important info at eye level, or above eye level. Contact details would ideally be placed in the middle, with the least important info at the bottom.

We hope you found this overview on designing the perfect roller banner helpful. For a more detailed guide please see our post: Design Detail. 

Image attributed to artur84/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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